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Another bitten..

About You

name:.: Sara.
age:.: Fifteen.
location:.: Illinois.
status (show a pic):.: Taken as of Christmas day, 2004.
I'm going to burn that hat..
sexual orientation:.: Bisexual.
loves:.: Bones, roses, astrology, design, HTML, computers, roses, silence..
hates:.: Noise, ignorance, light, hot weather, smoke..
list five movies:.: Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Lion King, and Phantom of the Opera.
list ten bands:.: KMFDM, Skinny Puppy, ohGr, Avenged Sevenfold, The London Philharmonic Orchestra, Lucia, Nine Inch Nails, Zeromancer, Shadows Fall..
bodmods:.: 8 holes in my ears, all but two are stretched.


do you read? (name some books):.: Choke, Lullaby, Invisible Monsters (all by Chuck Palahniuk), But Inside I'm Screaming by Elizabeth Flock, Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut..
who do you admire and why?:.: I admire Eireen, because she's a beautiful digital artist. Sometimes I'm decent, but her art never ceases to take my breath away.
are you a virgin?:.: Yes, I am.
do you like fruit?:.: Some fruit. Kiwi and oranges/tangerines.
smoke?(anything):.: No. I get enough second-hand smoke from my mum.
drink?:.: On occassion, very rarely though.
if you were a vampire what would you do?:.: Probably be a sensualist vampire that hides in the shadows, luring her prey mysteriously..
what do you think your best quality is?:.: Physical would be my eyes; but, otherwise I think it'd be my creativity. I'm an artist. I can be walking down the street in a city, full of people, and see something so beautiful. My mind's like a chest, full of secret thoughts and images. I just wish I could put them all into visuals for others.
why are you material for this community?:.: This community seems to have some quite interesting people in here, some I'm friends with, some I'm not. But it's been advertised everywhere, and seems quite active. It's a nice change. I think I could act more artistic aspires to entries, and other doings.
do you draw or write? show us some of your work.:.: I do not draw, nor do I write. But I do computer graphics and photography..
Computer graphics:



2 promo's in a journal or community (it would be amazingly great if you used the banners):.:
My journal
PorcelainGlow's Journal
now post 5 clear pictures of your face.

If anyone wants more pictures that aren't of webcam, just ask. They were just easiest access at the current time.
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