filthy blood-sucking whore (__prosthetic) wrote in __vamplips,
filthy blood-sucking whore

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sorry I have been inactive, but I'm in the process of moving rooms and redecorating it.  it's very stressful and it is not ready yet.  I will take tons of pictures as soon as it's ready which should be within the next few days.

a few pictures from the other day.  not very good, but at least you know I'm alive.

I was having a horrible day.

does anyone have any suggestions about what color to dye my hair over the summer?  I'm going to be attending a community college that I doubt will have restrictions about what hair color hair I have (unlike the school I'm attending now).  I was thinking something along the lines of blue or a bright sommething or other.  my boyfriend and mom really don't like the idea, but I would appreciate some other suggestions.

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