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Another Bitten

The boreing shit
Name  Veronica
()2()~Age  15
()3()~He or She?  She
()4()~Living in  Austin, Texas
()5()~Sexual Identity  Heterosexual
What does this community mean to
I'm in another community with both of the mods, and this one seems to be a lot of fun since it sounds to be a promising and bitchy community.  and I would feel privileged to be one of the first in the community.

More into detail
Name some bands that tickle your
Marilyn Manson, Tool, Kittie, A Perfect Circle, Sneaker Pimps, Lords of Acid, Slipknot, Fiona Apple, Metallica, Dimmu Borgir, [some] Pantera, Cradle of Filth, Nine Inch Nails, System of a Down, HED pe

()8()~Do you read? Name some books
I pretty much only read books we need to read for AP classes.  but, I do like Dracula, The Anti-Christ, Jade Green, To Kill a Mockingbird (nobody else really liked that book, but I enjoyed it)

()9()~What would jesus do?  If he were living today, he would be outraged and would hate everyone.  No matter how hard somebody tries, they're going to sin at least one time in their life.  I find it kind of impossible to believed that the Jesus that lived over 2,000 years ago (if it's true) didn't commit any sin.  though, it was probably easier, then, to not.
()10()~Do you like fruit?  Not much, but when I eat fruit it's either bananas or apples.
()11()~How about pie?  eh, chocolate pie would be my favorite, but I barely ever eat it.
()12()~Are you a virgin?  No.

Because We feel like it
Are you enjoying that we're not asking
you to tell us how you feel about abortion and
governament and that other shit that most of us will
never read?
yeah, I know probably nobody is going to read this part, but it's okay.  I used to be really against abortion, but then I thought of it in my own prospective and I could see why somebody would want to have one, or need to.  I was in a girls group where a girl had to get an abortion and it was pretty sad.  the only kind I'm totally 100% against is the one where they murder it when it's about 7 or 8 months old (as a fetus, still).  that's so horrible.  and government, I couldn't really care less, to say honestly.

()14()~Do you write, draw, etc. Post something
if you do. 
  I used to write a lot, but nothing is on my computer that I've done.  well, there's like one, but it's kinda sucky.  eh, I'll post it anyway.  I wrote it during a pretty bad time after I got stitches and it's kind of.. emo-ish.
Helpless, I sit wondering
What the next dig will bring
Seems I’ll need stitches
Stitches again tonight

They can hold my wound together
But they can’t hold my life together
They can’t find where
Where the hole began to rip
The rip turned into a deep gash
Into my life, I see the blood flow
It drowns me

I think I’ll be needing stitches
Stitches again tonight
Don’t try to save me
Don’t try to stitch my mind
It’s beginning to scab over
But someone has been picking it
Ever so lightly
Over time, I have seen
All of you
Pick at me

Rush me to the hospital
Looks like I need stitches
Stitches again tonight

Little did you know
The poems
The songs
The threats
Were real
Were true
Were everything you feared
I shall not return this time

Not another time shall I need
Stitches haunt my life

()15()~Now just be a photowhore. Have atleast
some CLEAR shots of your face. And mother
fuckers...resize them to visable sizes! Thank you

guess that's it.
my application got fucked up in the middle of doing this, so I don't know how it'll turn out.

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