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The Original Bam Margera/Ville Valo Community!

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Basic Info
Vam - (n.) : The relationship (whether platonic, sexual or something else) between a Mr. Bam Margera and a Mr. Ville Valo.

This is a slash community dedicated to the pairing of Ville Valo/Bam Margera, more commonly known as Vam. The relationship doesn't have to be sexual, although it often is. This is not just a fiction community, however. We gladly welcome graphics, photos, news, fanart, videos and anything else you can come up with, so long as it relates to Vam.

Moderators// slasher48
Temporarily also: gal8028 / lillithvalo

Official Community Gremlin//

Layout: estiloamor
Layout Banner: twirl_away
Userinfo banner: strangelyshaded
Userinfo layout: reversescollide

At the moment, our rules page is located HERE. We insist that these rules be followed. We expect all members of the community to have a basic knowledge of what they can and cannot post.


There will we no allowances made for anybody who has not taken the time to follow these.

Note: The rules are currently in the process of being rewritten and refined. Some things will definitely change. This link will stay in place until the new rules are set up, after which the link will change.
Important Links
Here are a few important links that we encourage every member to look at and read:

Beta List
Tag List
Mod Contact
Rating System

These are our affiliates. If you would like to be an affiliate, comment HERE. Additionally, if you would like to link to us, the banners are HERE




VamSlash @ MSN

At the moment, we do not have a current up-to-date archive. We are in the process of updating the tags list, but there are three years' worth of posts to back catalogue. If you are interested in helping out the moderators and would like to volunteer to make an official community archive, please contact us and we will be happy to give you our first born in return.

The closest thing we do have is archivevam. It's not completely finished, and it doesn't have everything but it's more useful than most of the other tries so far. Nine times out of ten, it will have what you're looking for.

Looking for a particular fic? You can also try vam_ficsearch.

Posting Your Story
We like things to look neat. We do not insist that users follow this guide, but we do strongly recommend it. It details everything you need in your post, and helps keep everything neat and tidy. So we ask you, nicely, to use it.

To make this easy, here's all the HTML in one neat little box:

Once posted, this should look like this:
Title: The most important bit. Everything needs a title, so please make sure you have one. This is also where you can put what chapter it is.
Author: This is where you put your LJ name. For example: strangelyshaded.
Rating: Unsure of ratings? Go HERE.
Pairing: We obviously know the main pairing is going to be Vam, but please put any other pairing in here as well.
Summary: We cannot stress how important a summary is. This is what is going to draw readers into your story. Please don't just put "I suck at summaries, lol". You need to put a brief, concise paragraph about the basic plot of your story.
Disclaimer: Covering your own ass.
Warnings: This is optional, but recommended. This is for things like MPREG, drug use, rape. Anything that may squick. If your story has no warnings, skip it.
Author's Notes: Also optional, but this is where you can add any of your own notes. Also a good place to thank your beta!

Any and all of the fiction posted in this community is purely that, fiction. We not not claim any of it to be true. We do not know or own any of the real-life people that we portray in our fiction. We simply like to borrow them because we find them sexy. No offense is meant, and none of this ever happened. As far as we know, at least.

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