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Unleashed Fans

Serve No Master

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This LJ community is dedicated to the Luc Besson film Unleashed starring Jet Li, Morgan Freeman, and Bob Hoskins. Here you can discuss anything relating to the film be it the plot or the cast and crew.

The movie follows Danny (Jet Li) who has been raised from a very young age similar to an attack dog by his owner Bart (Bob Hoskins). Bart uses Danny to collect payments and intimidate customers. With the collar on Danny is as docile as a puppy but when the collar comes off he is a unstoppable killing machine. A car accident gives Danny the opportunity to stray away from his malevolent master. With help from a blind piano tuner (Freeman) Danny gradually regains his humanity and learns what family truly is.

To prevent drama, there are a few RULES:

1. Please be respectful of one another.
2. Use an LJ-cut tag when posting spoilers, large images, and fanfiction/fanart.
3. When posting fanfics/fanart use these headers:

Rating: *Please explain reason for ratings higher than PG-13*

It's very important to specify what rating your story is.

4. Don't advertise communities unless they are related to Unleashed or the film's cast and crew.
Bad = am_i_sexxxy
Good = jet_kicks_ass

I'm very laid back but if you break the rules I might have to take off my collar. *lol*

scarbie is the mod of __unleashed__. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this community send me an email at scarbie at gmail.com.


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