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Because... you can't fix, what isn't broken

Stand United!
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The "__unbroken__" community exists to say that no one need be ashamed of their sexual orientation, sexuality, gender, race, etc... No one is broken, we are all perfect as we came; and this community will conquer those who would say otherwise.

The extended goals of this community are: to be a free outlet of intellectual thought on human rights and humanist values, abroad; to be an information source on both local and global injustices regarding human rights, and humanist values; to be a place to rally support for those who need it; and to work against organizations like 'Love In Action, Intl.' and the rest of the ex-gay movement.

This community was inspired by the "Free Zach!" group of MySpace.com and the weblog of a young teenager, known simply as, "Zach."

More coming soon...