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The Second Opinion

I went to a meeting today to discuss the first issue of my friends magazine/newspaper, "The Second Opinion"; which will be circulating through out this area. They were looking for ideas on topics and a real purpose for the publication. I suggested human rights, and the fight against religious fundamentalism. I specifically cited the case of the "Free Zach!" and LIA-R. The group, at first, didn't take kindly to the idea, and they pretty much shot down having anything about it.

When I got home from the meeting, I talked to Jared, the leader of the group and the publication. He said that if I write some articles on the issues I discussed that he would put the entire publication behind it. A small victory, and a small difference; but I hope it'll help the "Free Zach!" effort and human rights none-the-less.

So, I'm going to write several articles regarding the situation in Memphis and the specific child abuse and human rights violations being committed at LIA-R, as well as a piece on the power of the internet and use the "Free Zach!" group on MySpace, as an example of that.

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