July 13th, 2005

scare myself

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The situation with Zach has me outraged, ready to break necks, but alas, I am a pacifist.
I remember when I came out three years ago, when I was fourteen. I had a hard time with one group of girls, who were really insistent about religion and how god would hate me for being bisexual.

I also know that I made more friends than I ever thought I would have. All of a sudden, the gay community in my high school was all around me, and I never felt more supported in all my life. I never had to fear for my safety, because there was always someone around me until the rest of the school just accepted that I was part of the GLBTQ community.

Coming out to my parents wasn't really that difficult, as both of them had had bisexual experiences in the past and were comfortable around homosexuality. I was lucky in that respect.

When I learned that Zach's *parents,* those people who are supposed to love you no matter what you do or who you are, had shipped him off to an ex-gay camp I was absolutely furious. How can anyone be so insensitive towards their own family members, towards their own son?

Can someone please explain to me how the Fundies see this Camp as LOVE in Action? Because all I'm seeing is a perverted sense of hatred that no one deserves to be buried under.