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new and spreading the word [07 Jul 2005|01:33am]
Hey people I am new and joined because I saw the awesome list Wappy put together over at free zach the one with the diffrent blogs and group website. Good job on it Wappy. Anyways I have been spreading the word as much as I can my local gbltq group is going to meet tommrow if the leader is there he said he would discuss possible ideas for the movement. I also talked to the people over at hamburger mary's here in Arizona. They said they would have to approve of flyers and if they do I will give them some for them to pass them out, at thier restaraunts. Also I called one of the magazines here in Arizona called Echo it is a gay magazine and informs about alot of things, they said they have someone checking into this story and hopefully thy will write about it. So that is what is going on with me. I am still going to contuine to push this to the people I meet like now most of my days on line are like what are you doing Mark and I am like looking up info on the free zach thing and some of them have joined this as well. I will let you guys know what my gblt group says tonight. Talk to you all later
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