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music trading in the uk.
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Welcome to __ukmusictrade.

Basically this is a community for those in the UK wishing to trade/swap/buy CDs/vinyl/tapes, created because the majority of music trading communities on here are US-based & postage costs a fortune. It's fairly simple, nothing too complex - feel free to:

  • Request music you want/need/can't live without/whatever. Someone might have it and be willing to part with it, be it through trade or for a small fee.

  • List your own music that you're willing to part with, or offer to make compilation tapes/CDs for people.

  • Ask opinions on music you should listen to. Maybe you've heard a band you really like and want to hear others like it? Just ask.

  • Tell people about your band, or your favourite local band, especially if you've got something recorded you want to get out there.


  • Don't bitch about other people's music tastes. If you don't like what they like, fair enough, just leave it alone.

  • If you're posting more than one picture, put it under an lj-cut. If you don't know how to lj-cut, ask.

  • If someone messes you around, leave us a post & let people know - or likewise if someone's great in sending stuff, leave a post & thank them. It's only fair.

  • It's not set in stone, but a simple introduction with your name & music tastes & whatever else you care to share is just basic politeness.