u (uchihanaruteme) wrote in __uchihacest,

ItaSasu Fanfic reccomendation request.

I'm completely new to this pairing -love it!!-and I need some help to find the best fics to start out with.
This request is for AU ItaSasu or SasuIta. (No ninja verse for now)
Looking for fics with...

-Sasuke and Itachi as cops or assassins, mafia, secret agents, or any other action type fics with these two romantically.

-Highschool AU's

-Fics where the uchiha family isn't missing any members.

-Forbidden love ItaSasu fighting against the world ya know :)

And if nobody has an idea for any of these, I'd love to hear about your favorites!
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks :)

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