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2 Ita/Sasu fic search

With Naruto 590 just posted, I was already anticipating a flood of ItaSasu fics but it seems not quite. :(

I'm looking for the following fics:

1. The Married Life - it was searched a few years ago but the link to the fic is already unavailable. I'm hoping someone out there has a personal copy of the fic even if it's a WIP.

2. It was a fic posted on a few years back:
- The Uchiha clan was dead but I'm not sure if Itachi killed them
- Itachi was raising Sasuke by himself in Konoha
- Sasuke was younger than the start of canon (I think he was 8 or 10 yo in the fic)
- There were many UST scenes
- There was a scene were Itachi kissed Sasuke then stopped because Kakashi visited Sasuke
- Kakashi was suspicious of Itachi, iirc
- Itachi was training Sasuke
- Neji became a sparring partner
- In the end Itachi and Sasuke became members of Akatsuki
- Neji became a member of Akatsuki too
- It was a very dark fic, well written and complete.

I hope someone can help me with this. Thank you.
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