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(Fic:) Naruto: AU: Bloody Kisses (ItaSasu, SasuNaru) 1/2

Title: Bloody Kisses 1/2
Author: iff_u_loved_me
Genre: Naruto
Pairing: Itachi/Sasuke, Sasuke/Naruto
Rating: R/ NC-17
Warning(s):  blood, angst
Disclaimer: Belongs to Masashi Kishimoto
Summary: AU. The Uchihas are vampires. Itachi is the most deadly. Sasuke, who may or may not be a vampire, is a vampire hunter. Naruto is Sasuke's best friend who wants to be something more. Itachi promises to come back. But can Sasuke really count on the word of the person who betrayed him?

Word Count: 2798
A/N: I had a blast writing this. Tell me if you like it!



Maybe there’s a happily ever after. Maybe there isn’t.

Sasuke was an odd child. Too solemn and grave. Like Itachi- they thought but never mentioned the cursed Uchiha around Sasuke.

Itachi was the worst, most terrible vampire the world had ever had the misfortune to witness. He was in his own league when it came to cunning, beauty and of course, blood thirst. He was feared by even his own kind. He didn’t just kill humans – he killed vampires who got in his way. He drained the vampires of their blood which was unheard of. And rumor was that he was back.

*Part One: Propositions and Memories*

People say you’re not coming back. But they’re lying, right?

Kakashi, a seasoned professional in the art of vampire hunter, never thought he’d see the day when Konoha sought the help of a vampire. But Kakashi knew that if the rumors were true, that Itachi had come back, then desperate measures had to be taken. So here he was, seated in front the madman’s younger brother, who If he tapped into his power reserves, he would be even stronger than Itachi. Of course, Sasuke was in his own right a very skilled vampire hunter.

“Help us, Sasuke. Help us find your brother. Call him and he’ll come.”

Sasuke’s eyes, blank and dark as a starless sky, did not blink.

“My brother will not be pleased.”

“I know. But we need you to help us.”

“How would I go about doing this? Itachi knows where to find me. I mean, he left me here knowing I would never dare leave.”

Sometimes almost like pain flitted across the young Uchiha’s face. But then it smoothed back into cool arrogance.


But Sasuke ignored him and asked the question that had been weighing on his mind since what seemed like forever. “Why does everyone seem to know everything about the night Itachi killed the clan?”

“Itachi’s an extraordinarily powerful vampire. And there are rumors...that you might one day surpass him.”

“You would have to feed on someone.”

“What? But I’m not even a real vampire. I don’t even have fangs!”

But a sudden onslaught of memories…

Itachi laughing, looking relaxed, beautiful.

Sasuke admiring. Sasuke waving about a kunai. Itachi grabbing it out of his hand, getting cut as he took the wrong end. Blood spilled. Itachi frowning. Sasuke panicking. Scared. Sasuke licking the blood frantically off Itachi’s palm. Itachi slapping him. Furious. Saying…

“Don’t do that Sasuke. You are not going to be a vampire. You are not going to be a monster.”

Sasuke’s confusion. But he wanted to be like Itachi…

“Blood is bad, Sasuke…”

Itachi hugging Sasuke, and Sasuke not understanding but feeling safe.

Sasuke looked stricken as he came to a realization. I drank Itachi’s blood. So what does that make me? Was I born a vampire? Or did drinking Itachi’s blood do something to me?

Kakashi cleared his throat.

“I don’t drink,” Sasuke said at last.

“We think Itachi would sense that you’d claimed someone.”

“Hn.” Sasuke thought about it. He was not like most vampires. He did not require blood to live, if you could call it living. But it did not sustain him. “And what would I get in return?”

“You would be able to kill Itachi.”

“Ah.” So that’s what you’re after, Sasuke thought. You want me to finish off my brother. What would Itachi do if he were in this predicament? Probably devise a diabolical and brilliant stratagem.

“Do we have a deal?”

“Yes. But I’ll do it my own way. I choose the person.”

“Of course.”

Sasuke smirked at how relieved the vampire-hunter looked. “You may go.”

And before Sasuke could bat an eyelid, Kakashi vanished. Sasuke, of course, had no plans on killing his brother.  Stupid vampire hunter.

*Part Two: Enter Naruto*

I can make friends and still be yours. Watch me.

“Come on, Sasuke! Naruto and Lee are sparring- don’t you  want to watch?” Sakura smiled encouragingly at Sasuke.

Sasuke seemed unmoved by Sakura’s beseeching. “It’s okay.”

“Leave the Uchiha alone,” Shikamaru murmured, stepping out from behind an oak tree.

Sasuke internally bristled. “Fine, let’s go.” He glared at Shikamaru. He didn’t need protection. He could make up his own mind, thanks very much.

Sakura brightened and latched onto his arm, pulling him towards the sparring grounds.

When they arrived Naruto’s left arm was bleeding thanks to Lee’s needles. The sight of blood…Sasuke inhaled sharply then slowly released his breath. The scent of metallic was still there, still heady but controllable. Sakura hurried to Naruto’s side where she proceeded to make a big deal out of the cut.

“Aw, Sakura, it’s nothing.” But Naruto was grinning, clearly pleased that Sakura was paying attention to him. His eyes scanned around for Sasuke. When they landed, he stuck out his tongue.

Sasuke rolled his eyes and walked over to Naruto. He took hold of the injured arm and without warning, licked away the blood on Naruto’s forearm.

Naruto blushed as he stammered, “The hell do you think you’re doing?”

Sasuke raised his eyes and stared coolly into Naruto’s. “Stopping the bleeding.” 

“The others stared openly, curiously.

“Ew,” Sakura said at last, making a face. But no one paid her any attention.

“You didn’t have to,” Naruto complained, but his voice lifted at the end, like he was asking a question.

Sasuke tilted his head to the side, savoring the coppery taste. There were gasps but Sasuke pretended not to hear them.

*Part Three: Choosing Sides*

I’m on no one’s side but mine.

“I thought Kakashi-sensei said Sasuke wasn’t a vampire…”

“Oh, hey Sasuke!”

“What were you talking about?

“Nothing! Just you know..the weather… We think it might rain…”

Sasuke stared at them then walked away.

Naruto looked after him.

Kiba announced his unwanted opinion. “I’d stay away from him, Uzumaki.”

Naruto frowned, incredulous. “Guys, this is Sasuke we’re talking about.”

“Did you see the look on his face when he…uh…” Kiba glanced sideways at Naruto.

“Licked the blood. Yes, but Sasuke’s not like the other vampires.” There was an awkward silence.  “Whatever. I don’t care. Be stupid if you want. Hey, Sasuke- Wait up!”

The others just shook their heads.

*Part Four: Friendship?*

He doesn’t understand me. But I might let him try.

Naruto caught up to Sasuke.

“Hey, teme.”

Sasuke slowed down but didn’t stop. “Dobe.”

“I don’t care that you’re a vampire. Screw the others.”

“It’s not that.” Sasuke turned around, facing Naruto. His eyes were emotionless. “I don’t care about them.”

“Then why’d you leave?”

Sasuke smiled and took a step forward. “I wanted to see if you’d follow. And you did.”

“So now what?”

Sasuke took another step closer. Naruto’s entire body trembled.

“Is there anything I can do? Sometimes I’m not sure where we stand.”

“Yes. You can be my friend. And not tiptoe around me.”

Naruto’s smile was so wide Sasuke was surprised his face didn’t split in half.

“You really want to be my friend?”

“I didn’t say that.”

But Sasuke’s eyes were joking. And that made Naruto laugh.

“Yes. You see I was doing some research at the library… I..I read that sometimes vampires take pets…To feed on them….”

Sasuke did not show his surprise. But he smiled. “I don’t need one, since I’m…different..But it’s good to know.” He revealed his fangs. “Are you offering?”

Naruto’s eyes got impossibly wide. His throat felt scratchy. The words forced themselves out. “Do..do you..Am I…What am I to you?”

Sasuke was close enough that Naruto could feel his breath caressing his face.

“You’re my best friend.”


“And my pet.”

Oh. “Okay.”

“Come, then.”

“Sasuke…will it hurt?”

“I would imagine so. But, I’ll be gentle.”               

Naruto made a face. “I don’t care.”

“Neither do I. So come on,” Sasuke  said, his voice slightly shaking. Naruto followed in a daze.

As Sasuke pushed him down on the mat, Naruto whispered as his thick fingers tangled clumsily at Sasuke’s dark spikes, “This…what we’re doing…People won’t approve. But I don’t care. This feels right. Do you feel it too?”


But Naruto knew Sasuke well enough to know that meant yes.

They kissed.

*Part Five: A Familiar Voice*

I miss you.


A voice was calling to him. It was in his head. That meant it was another vampire. It meant…


Naruto mumbled in his sleep in his sleeping bag two feet away. Sasuke hoped dearly that the Dobe wasn’t dreaming about him. Sure, they’d kissed but that was just a kiss between friends. It wasn’t that Sasuke liked the blonde hunter or anything.

Don’t speak aloud, Otouto. Telepathy.

Right. Sorry. Where are you?

Two days travel from here.

You can’t come here. It’s too dangerous.

There was nothing but silence in Sasuke’s head.


I’m here.

I thought you’d abandoned me.

Never. You’re the one I live for.

Itachi, am I vampire? Did you make me one or…?

Yes. You are. But you are a rarity. Your kind is born once in a millennia.

But what am I?

A pure-blooded vampire. You do not need to drink for you are actually alive. You have a heart. But Mother and Father did not know it. I hid it from them. They thought that powerful aura was from me. But it was from you. They would’ve found out. They would’ve used you.

How? Sasuke’s head was spinning. He was baffled.

They would’ve drained you. Pure-blood is the most exquisite, the most potent.  

Is that why you killed them?

Yes. Father figured it out.

I didn’t want this to happen.

I know.

I’m sorry. But I’m back, now.

Itachi, you can’t come here. It’s too dangerous. Kakashi-

I know about the arrangement. About everything.

Of course Itachi did. Sasuke grinned.

I just wanted to make sure you were real.

I feel the same way. But Aniki…

I didn’t come for you, Otouto.


But I will, one day. I will come for you when it is safe.

And then the voice stopped. Sasuke waited, but there was nothing more.

*Part Six: Moving On*

What, did you expect me to wait around forever?

Years passed and Sasuke forced himself to stop living in a fantasy where Itachi would return. And this life, his reality, involved vampire hunting. Sasuke acknowledged that in doing this, he was partly doing it for Itachi. In hopes that he might come across Itachi, thought he realized how unlikely that would be. Like Itachi would ever settle down in a vampire camp. But at least, Sasuke clung to the dream that Itachi might hear of him. He was even the captain of his own squad which consisted of Naruto, Lee, Neji, Shikamaru, and Kiba. They attacked a vampire camp about two miles north of Konoha. And of course, Itachi was not there. But that didn’t stop Sasuke from looking for him as he stabbed vampire after vampire. He ignored their curses, their confusion as they probably saw the coal black eyes and pale skin and mistaken him for Itachi. Finishing each one with relative ease, Sasuke soon grew bored and started killing them with his eyes closed.

It was a mistake. The image of Itachi’s pure, beautiful face flashed before his eyes. And an old anger burned deep and hot. Vengeance. Lost in the heady flames of anger, it took him a moment to realize the others were waiting for him, having finished just moments earlier. They were staring at him oddly. And he licked his fangs…wait. His fangs!??!? Finally. Sasuke closed his eyes. This was it, then. He was a vampire.

He nodded at them so the others started walking away. All except one. Naruto adjusted and readjusted the strap of his bag until Sasuke slowly traipsed towards him.

“You okay?” he asked quietly.

Sasuke nodded, running his tongue along his fangs. He found he could control them. Knew instinctively  how to lengthen and retract them. His hand went up to finger the fine silver chain around his neck. The one he found in Itachi’s pocket. His other took out his stake and lazily tossed it up and down.

You were supposed to come for me. You promised. But you just lied.

*Part Seven: Just Sex*

Being with others just reinforces how alone I am.

Humans often had sex after a close encounter with death. It was a confirmation of life or something. Vampires, Sasuke supposed, did it for a similar reason. But not Sasuke. He did it to not think. To clear his mind of all thoughts. So Sasuke let his control slip and his thoughts faded away until all that was left was pure action. Now that he had fangs, Sasuke wanted to try something. But that didn’t stop Sasuke’s thoughts from turning to someone else as he explored Naruto’s mouth with his tongue.

Sasuke grabbed Naruto, pinning his arms down by his sides. (Sasuke had his own tent as the captain and he was glad of the extra room. The others said nothing when Naruto moved his sleeping bag into Sasuke’s tent. Sasuke thanked kami for that.) He took Naruto’s chin, forcing it up so they could stare at each other. Dark thunder clouds and sunny blue skies. Then-

Naruto wanted them both to be naked. But Sasuke was in control, calling all the shots. He left his shirt on, saying he couldn’t wait. Naruto didn’t think anything of it.

Sasuke topped, explaining that if Naruto wanted to top he could go to Sakura.

Narutos’ eyes clouded and for a heart-stopping moment Sasuke thought he might change his mind. But then that smile appeared and Sasuke’s shivered.

Sasuke said next time they could switch (he was lying).

Naruto’s heart leapt at the promise of another moment.

Sasuke was thrusting away when he mouthed a delectable spot on Naruto’s neck, marveling at how smooth it was.

“Hey, Dobe,” he said after a particularly hard thrust.

“Y-yeah?” Naruto wailed, pushing back against Sasuke so that they created the most delicious friction.

In Sasuke’s silence there was a question. Are you sure?

Naruto tightened his internal muscles, squeezing Sasuke’s cock in reassurance.  I want to be yours, Sasuke. There’s no one else in the world I trust like I do you. Mark me. Claim me. You’re the only one that can.

And Sasuke’s fangs lengthened and he lowered his head, piercing the skin.

Naruto let out a shrill scream and a then a gasp. Sasuke drank, loving the energy of Naruto’s life source.

Naruto reached for Sasuke’s hand. “It doesn’t hurt. I thought it would hurt.”

Sasuke finished drinking and let out a satisfied moan. “Because it was voluntary I guess.”

“I love you.”  

Sasuke knew he was lying when he replied “I love you”. But Naruto was already asleep.

Sasuke licked his fangs before willing them to shorten. He slid out of Naruto. He’d been careful not to take too much. He didn’t need to drink. So why did he? He guessed it was the reason why people did drugs or cut themselves. Because he could. And he couldn’t find a reason not to.

He hated himself for being weak. For taking advantage of Naruto. But he didn’t care all that much. I did it, Itachi. You didn’t think I could. But I did. He blushed as he recalled how he’d pretended Naruto was someone else. It was for you, Aniki. I wanted it to be you.

*Part Eight: Intuition*

If I could be anywhere, anywhere at all. I’d stay right here so you could find your way back to me.

Itachi did what he always did when he took another pet. He pretended it was someone else. He had five, but they were never enough. He looked into lust-filled green eyes and imagined them to be as dark as the soul he did not have. And as he climaxed inside the tight wet heat, something in his mind rang. And he grinned. So, Sasuke. You’ve taken your first pet. He let out a harsh bark of laughter that made the entire world quake in fear. Sasukewait for me….

*Part Nine: Chiaroscuro*

You tie in the competition of reliability. He’s always here. You’re always not.

Sasuke thought about the differences between the two men in his life.

Itachi was so cold he burned hot. Sex with him was always intense, and amazing.

With Naruto, it was noisy, wild, and eager. Naruto was bounds of energy and sunlight. Though vampires detested the sun, Sasuke was always drawn to him.

Itachi left him unable to walk and breathless, always wanting more.

Naruto gave him a warm feeling, which was saying something as Sasuke always felt like he was inside a freezer.

Naruto made him laugh. Loved.

Itachi made him feel wanted. Intoxicated. Itachi left him wanting more in the end.





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