July 16th, 2006

Hello! ^_^

Hey all!! I am a newly joined uchihacest fan and I am not ashamed.....lol

Wow....this is a very cool layout! The image is really well done, and the sasuke and itachi poses are wow O_O ....so smexy...

I was introduced to this pairing a while back on FF.net and I absolutely loved it! Its so twisted and the passion you would get in it, due to the love-hate relation between them, really spices it up to be one of the best in the naruto verse, to me at least.... =^_^=

I've never really written any yaoi.....but I'm willing to try lol, especially with Uchihacest *grins*, so if everything works out, and I get the time,expect a fic in the near future.... Until then, there may be a bit odd comment here and there expressing my inner fangirl...its really great to have a community like this around ^^

So once again, hey and nice to meet you all.....
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