June 11th, 2006

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Itachi's ... Late birthday present T_T

I know, I'm late! ;_; two days. But .. it just popped in and all. And I never never, never wrote a ItachiSasuke fic! >.>;! (mainly ItachiSakura T.T;) But .. I wanted to give it a try XD; (since my first I never wrote a yaoi lemon... So, no lemon, sorry o.o;)A short one shot XD; (first yaoi drabble >.>;)

Title: Innocent kiss.
Couple: ItachiSasuke.
Summary: It's Itachi's birthday and Sasuke doesn't have a present at all, but he doesn't want to dissapoint his older brother..
Rating: No lemon >.>;

Hm, enjoy? *.*; (sorry Itachi T.T;)

Innocent kissCollapse )

I don't know.. Should I make a sequal on it? Like when Itachi had killed his clan and 6 years later he wants to see Sasuke again to want something else then only a kiss?
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