April 2nd, 2006


Hallo! Umm, I just joined and stuff, since I'm into the whole Uchihacest thing. O.o;; I thought it would be good to join a community for people who like it. Makes sense, right? It did when I went over it in my head...

Well, ahem. Yes. I bring you all gifts of ItaSasu Smuttiness.
Title: Storm
Couple: ItaSasu
Summary: Sasuke is afraid of thunder and seeks solace.
Rating: Hard R, Maybe Light NC-17 (No penetration.)
(Part of the Tsuki arc)

Title: Sunny
Couple: ItaSasu
Summary: A more than just brotherly bond is made between two Uchihas...
Rating: Hard R, NC-17 (maybe...?)
(Part of the Tsuki arc)

Title: Sweet Memories
Couple: ItaSasu
Summary: Sasuke looks back on his happiest memory.
Rating: G
(Part of the Tsuki arc)

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