March 27th, 2006

eh team

Rewriting an Epic

Ok, so, how many people here remember this summer? Of those of you who do, how many remember writing in the KakaIruKashi Shipper Essay? Or the KibaShinoKiba? Or SasuNaruSasu?

Well, if you do remember that, then you probably (ok, you maybe) already know that sometime in September, the webhost holding all of those kicked it, and kicked it hard. When it finally started running again, the essays (all 5132 pages of them) were gone. These included Shipper Essays on all the Naruto fandoms, the Loveless fandom, and several others. This was a great loss to the shipping community, as well as the writers who participated.
But now we've got a chance to do something about it!Collapse )

*Very sorry for any dead F-lists. Very, very sorry.*