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Hi guys =) I'm new to this community. I've been searching for good quality itasasu fics for a while now and it seems like a lot of people are recommending "Synthetic Darkness" by Ruriko L. Minamino. However, I've searched everywhere and can't find the fic... I think the author has deleted it from her FF account too. Does anyone have the link to the fic anywhere? Or if anyone has the fic, can you please send it to me (I hope this is allowed and that the author won't mind)? I'm so desperate to read it >_<

Thank you!
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ItaSasu Fanfic reccomendation request.

I'm completely new to this pairing -love it!!-and I need some help to find the best fics to start out with.
This request is for AU ItaSasu or SasuIta. (No ninja verse for now)
Looking for fics with...

-Sasuke and Itachi as cops or assassins, mafia, secret agents, or any other action type fics with these two romantically.

-Highschool AU's

-Fics where the uchiha family isn't missing any members.

-Forbidden love ItaSasu fighting against the world ya know :)

And if nobody has an idea for any of these, I'd love to hear about your favorites!
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks :)
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2 Ita/Sasu fic search

With Naruto 590 just posted, I was already anticipating a flood of ItaSasu fics but it seems not quite. :(

I'm looking for the following fics:

1. The Married Life - it was searched a few years ago but the link to the fic is already unavailable. I'm hoping someone out there has a personal copy of the fic even if it's a WIP.

2. It was a fic posted on a few years back:
- The Uchiha clan was dead but I'm not sure if Itachi killed them
- Itachi was raising Sasuke by himself in Konoha
- Sasuke was younger than the start of canon (I think he was 8 or 10 yo in the fic)
- There were many UST scenes
- There was a scene were Itachi kissed Sasuke then stopped because Kakashi visited Sasuke
- Kakashi was suspicious of Itachi, iirc
- Itachi was training Sasuke
- Neji became a sparring partner
- In the end Itachi and Sasuke became members of Akatsuki
- Neji became a member of Akatsuki too
- It was a very dark fic, well written and complete.

I hope someone can help me with this. Thank you.

Fic Search

Looking for this fic has driven me up the wall. No matter where I look I can't seem to find it, so if someone could help me out I'd really appreciate it.

These are the things I remember:
1. Sasuke 'joins' Akatsuki.
2. Itachi rapes him.
3. Sasori teaches/trains him.
4. At one point Sasori tries to kill Sasuke (I think Itachi kills Sasori instead).

side note: I'm not positive, but I think Sasuke does it with Naruto before he leaves. I also think the joining Aktatsuki was a mission from the hokage. Also, I think maybe Itachi violated him with a bar/piece of soap.

That's really all I remember. The story was posted on Sorry it's so vague.
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Cosplay Pictures for you!

Greetings everyone - I just had to re-upload all my cosplay photos, as my normal photobucket account ran out of space. I thought I would share them with the world. They are all here, in different folders, tagged etc.  

I have many different Sasukes (Genin, ChuuninExams, Team Taka and even a potentially ill-advised  Neko!), Itachi (ANBU and Akatsuki).

But most importantly there is Uchihacest.
Preview is here-->

Some are awesome, some are meh, some are old, some new. I don't mind if people want to steal them, but comments are love.
(Sorry for any f-list spammage btw)
credit: blackpapillon

Genre Fic Search

Hi! I am kind of new to the Naruto Community and I have been searching for some Seme Sasuke/ Uke Itachi stories. I cannot seem to find any and I was wondering if any members of this community know of any? I know itachi is usually always seme in the stories but if anyone knows of any stories where Sasuke is the seme please link them and I would love you for it. ^^