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name:: Michell(e)
age:: 16
sex:: Female last time I looked ;)
location:: Livonia, Michigan. or on my ass in a chair
birthday:: January 23, 1989


favorite bands:: Marilyn Manson, Fallout Boy, LIT, Blink 182, AFI
movies:: Thirteen, Green Mile, The Notebook, American Pie 2. and many more
best concert you've attendend:: Ozzfest
favorite pick-up line:: Nice shoes, wanna fuck? (I have a converse fetish)
favorite food:: Chicken Ceaser Salad or French Fries ::eh::
favorite junk food:: Jolly Ranchers are my junk food
favorite colors:: black and green
favorite cd:: either my Headbangers Ball cd or some of my Mix's people have put together for me ::shrugs::
favorite t.v show:: Planets Funniest Animal. (I don't watch tv. no more than an hour a week)


why do you wanna join this lame stuff?:: Because I'm obsessed with my LJ and always looking for new infusions of coolness
do you like south park?:: hell yea!! I'm wearing south park boxers I stole from an ex right now. ::Blushes::
tell me a cool web site:: uh... livejournal? and
tell your friends about this lame place!!! okay...

amuse me.....

do you think that the cow actually jumped over the moon? maybe. did he have springs on his feet like tigger?

words you think of when i say...
cheese- yum
felicia- what?
table- dinner time
erwin- I actually think of earnest. like the guy who made all those stupid yet hilarious movies that I watched when I was young.
lava lamp- OoO! I have 3 of those! pretty
jump rope- exercise
urinate- I have to go ::looks away embarrassed::
fuck- uh oh! naughty word! Don't want to hear none of that fucking profanity!
mosh pits- bruises
platypus- whats for dinner?

Picture time!! (These pictures are kinda old. except for the first two which were taken last thursday with a couple of friends in a photobooth at the mall)


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