[KERI][finn] (quitspitting) wrote in __uber_cool__,

invade canada


name::  KERI
age::  14
sex::  Female
location::  Hazlet, NJ
birthday:: February 7


favorite bands::  Fall Out Boy, Matchbook Romance, Taking Back Sunday, Punchline, Strike Anywhere
favorite movies::  Loser, Nightmare before Christmas, Thirteen
best concert you've attendend::  Catch 22 ( I met Dave of Big D and the Kid's Table and I caught a drumstick from C22)
favorite pick-up line::  Do fries cum with that shake?
favorite food::  spaghetti   junk food:: doritoes
favorite colors:: orange, black, hot pink
favorite cd::  Matchbook Romance "Stories and Alibis"
favorite t.v show::  The Simpsons, Family Guy, That 70's Show


why do you wanna join this lame stuff?::  Because I am lame in an uber cool way
do you like south park?::  YES! blame canada
tell me a cool web site::  <dobi.nu>

amuse me..... X=STRIKE

do you think that the cow actually jumped over the moon? of course! cows are retro

words you think of when i say...
cheese- fries
felicia- rob
table- top
erwin- jungle
lava lamp- retro
jump rope- ghetto
urinate- knoxville
fuck- you
mosh pits- fun
platypus- punk

what are 3 things that you wanna know about us??? 1:where you from? 2:Do you think Jersey is awesome? 3:Are you ever going to come to Hazlet to hang out with me?

okay....now for some pics...


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