i am an idiot

alrighty so i was at ballet practice and my teacher said let me see your pointe work so put my shoes on and just like useual do my 50 releves to warm up. then she said are you wearing them right and you know i said yeah and so i look on the bottem of my shoes cuz i have them marked on my shoes and they were right an she asked me to switch them just to see. turns out the people who fitted me didnot tell me they were cut to a foot so now i get to break them in on the opposite feet that they are already broken in to. so am i stupid or am i stupid???
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I saw ya'll only had a few members and thought i might join. i was also wondering if you knew any way to un-nervous myself cause i have a huge audition and im nervous. any thing will be greatly thanked.
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Hey everyone! (well..to the four other members here!)

My name is Jasmine. I did jazz for years, but recently quit.
I did just start ballroom though-I'm starting with a beginning salsa class. It's fun so far!
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hey guys! I'm fairly new on LJ and was looking around when I found this. I don't really have much to say or talk about right now, but I look forward to chatting with you guys!
ta ta for now! :)
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i'm diana.

i teach:
Dance Discovery (ages 3-4)
pre Ballet (ages 5-7)
Combo -1/2 tap, 1/2 ballet (ages 5-7)
pre Tap (ages 6-8)
Adv. pre Ballet (ages 6-7)
Ballet I (ages 8-12)
Teen/adult Ballet (Age 13+)

what about everyone else?

i need some help if anyone can offer it. i have an interview/class to teach on wednesday for a job as an adult jazz teacher. i'm supposed to do a warm up, across the floor, and combo to do. anyone have any ideas? (i've never taught jazz before) anyone have ideas for music to use?