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totally tubular <3 [entries|friends|calendar]
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[07 Jul 2004|11:48am]


get your ass on over to greatestjournal.com
its under the same name. ___hospital

if you don't have an account make one.
then join immediatly.

4 are totally tubular

new;;application [03 Jul 2004|02:03am]

new;;applicationCollapse )
11 are totally tubular

new;;application [02 Jul 2004|03:31pm]
[ mood | tired ]

rating is fun, huh.Collapse )

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stamped. [29 Jun 2004|08:01pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Apparently my body isn't as weak as I thought it was and the mono didn't ravage me as badly as I was thinking it would.

So Jun (boyfriend) and I explored near my neighborhood... there's this really neat little creak area with a random abandoned shack that's falling apart. We like it. So.

picturesCollapse )

the end.

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[28 Jun 2004|07:50pm]

cool & new=wicked__ill
please join darlings.

& I promoted you in my user info :).
are totally tubular

boys like you are a dime a dozen. [26 Jun 2004|09:35pm]
[ mood | sad ]

it's about time i post some pictures. :)

uh.. yeaCollapse )

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sick, stamped, and xposted with a few other wonderful communities. [26 Jun 2004|08:55am]

[ mood | tired ]

so I have mono. Don't expect any new pictures from me for a short while.

Here are a few from right before the mono hit hard.

+3Collapse )

and then I got bored yesterday because everyone was out having fun and I was in home dying. So I photoshopped some pictures and commented with them on a friend's DJ.


+7Collapse )

the end.

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stamped. [25 Jun 2004|04:42pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Hello everyone. I have a very busy month coming up because I am going to art portfolio camp and then to JAPAN! So from this day until July 23 I will not be able to vote, promote, and all that good stuff. I don't want to be removed from this community though. So I apologize. When I return I'll post some pictures for you guys.<3333

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more of 'new application' [24 Jun 2004|05:23am]

the movies that my dumbass forgot to listCollapse )
are totally tubular

new application [24 Jun 2004|05:06am]

new applicationCollapse )
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