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It was my friends birthday party on Saturday. I thought I might share some pictures =)

Note- I was having an unphotogenic night of course. =)


Jenn and Ryan...Jenn looks soooo happy lol

Daniel and Sara

Casey and Casey's friend and Morgan in the background on the phone.

Ryan and Casey

Casey and her friend


Me and the birthday girl (Kellie)-- this is where me being unphotogenic comes in

Me and Casey... Oh god this is such a bad picture


Me and my bestest buddy Kylie

My boyfriend and Kylies boyfriend trying to be sexy....not working for them...hahaha. Mines the one in the back.

Thats me and Gloria...shes trying to be serious or something lol

Me and Ryan

Me and Daniel.. I was chewing lol thats why I'm making a funny face.

Me and Sara


If you haven't noticed, I ran around the party taking pictures of me with people lol

Me and Bogdan, my Romanian friend. Hes the coolest. This is my favorite picture =)

me TRYING to get a picture with Jenn, this is the best I could do.

Me and Alexander the Great (Alex)

Me and Kylie pretending to kiss...she was mad at Owen(her boyfriend), and she wanted to get back at him, haha

Me and Boy(Steve) kissing....boy=short for boyfriend. Which he is.

A better attempt at a picture of me and Jenn

Jenn's new tongue bling....I wanna be there when work finds out about that, haha. (We work at McDonalds.. they have a strict rule about tongue rings)

A series of pictures of me wearing Sara's sunglasses:


Thats all, Folks.


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