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Name: Bonnie
Age: 18
Location: New Hampshire
Single?: Yep.
Piercings: *nods* Two in each ear.
Do you play any sports?: Haha, no. I'm not very athletic.

Bands[5+]: All-American Rejects, Audio Adrenaline, Charlotte Church, Coldplay, Dashboard Confessional, dc Talk, Debussy, Evanescence, The Insyderz, The Juliana Theory, The Killers, Lifehouse, My Chemical Romance, Nobuo Uematsu, Our Lady Peace, Palestrina, Plaid, Plankeye, Plus One, Rachael Lampa, Relient K, Renee Fleming, Sarah McLachlan, Shorthanded, Something Corporate, Stavesacre, Sugarcult, Train, Wagner
Movies[5+]: Lord of the Rings, Romeo and Juliet, Ever After, Emma, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Cinderella, Titanic, Count of Monte Cristo, Pirates of the Caribbean, Under the Tuscan Sun, Fushigi Yugi series, Rurouni Kenshin series, Troy, Black Hawk Down, The Virgin Suicides
Genre of music: I love 90s alternative, video game music, classical, etc.
Stores: Rue 21, Borders, Kohl's, Group USA (although I just go in to try the dresses on, haha), FYE, Claire's
Books: Little Women, Purpose Driven Life, Jane Austen's novels, LOTR, Chronicles of Prydain, And the Bride Wore White, Sabriel, Lirael, any book by Roald Dahl that I've read
Songs: Hmmm... "Konstantine" by Something Corporate, "Spies" by Coldplay, "Blister" by OLP, "Exit Music (For a Film)" by Radiohead, "Without You I'm Nothing" by Placebo, "Anywhere" by Evanescence, "All By Myself" by Air Supply, "Ordinary World" by Duran Duran, "Careless Whisper" by WHAM!, "Iris" by The Goo Goo Dolls, "Viva Forever" by the Spice Girls, "One Headlight" by The Wallflowers, "Hotel California" by The Eagles, and I could just go on and on. :)
Television Programs: Oh gosh, I hardly watch T.V. much anymore, but my two favorite shows have got to be CSI and Gilmore Girls. I got my mother the third season of G.G. for Mother's Day this year. She loves it, too.

~Least Favorites~
Bands: Well, can I just say that, while there are certain exceptions, I'm just not a big fan of rap, country, and hip hop. I'm not trying to be critical or anything of them, they're just not my cup of tea. To each his own, though, I say.
Movies: Wow, the first one that comes to mind is Alex & Emma, with Kate Hudson. The acting in that was just not up to par. I definitely remember not wanting to watch it again. I thought Raising Helen was kind of cute though, so I think it was just that particular movie.
Genre of music: [see above under "Bands"]
Stores: I'm not a big fan of stores that sell things I'm completely uninterested in, like sporting goods stores.
Books: I had to read a book over the summer called Refuge, and it was just depressing, and it told me a heck of a lot more about birds than I ever wanted to know.
Songs: I'm really starting to get annoyed with songs that talk about how the singer is not going to be like someone else. I guess they're trying to appeal to our generation, perhaps, but songs with that theme are all starting to sound the same. Surely there's a more positive way to promote becoming your own person.
Television Programs: I don't like Jerry Springer, Nascar, and most reality TV programs.

Do you put the cap back on the toothpaste? You better believe it! :)
Do you play golf?: No, but I'm just as up for a round of putt-putt as the next person.
Have you ever been on the radio or on tv?: I was on a local channel once because a choir I was in sang at a school board meeting.
What do you want to go to college for?: I'm a music major modified by theater. :-D
Compliment the mod (pick one): Meg, you are the absolute coolest for liking Our Lady Peace. I can't wait until the new CD comes out in August, can you? You're awesome!
Have you ever left the country?: Yes, several times. I've been to Canada, the Dominican Republic, and England, and I'm going to France in January.
What do you think of peanut butter?: Oh gosh, it's yummy especially when surrounded by chocolate in what is commonly known as a "peanut butter cup." *drool*
What's your family life like?: I live with my mom for half of the year. My dad lives in another state.

please explain yourself

Eminem's lyrics: You know, I've never really been a big fan of his. His lyrics, from my limited knowledge, seem to be rather violent and hateful. I can't stand that sort of thing, although I do understand the need to vent. I think what Eminem really needs is some counseling. I'm being serious here. He obviously has some issues that he needs to sort through, and perhaps some counseling might help him. I don't know.
Emo: Yay! Haha, I have a deep affinity for all things emo, even though I wouldn't fit that label. I once dressed up as a stereotypical "emo kid" and went to school, and my German teacher said, "Was hast du gemacht?" referring to the fake lip ring I had. It was classic. :)
Abortion: I guess I could pretend that I agree with abortion, but I don't. I've seen what it's done to those close to me and my friends, and it's not pretty. I'm definitely pro-life. A short application like this isn't the proper place to discuss something so controversial in any great length, but suffice it to say that I'm against. Ask me if I'm being a bit unclear.
Paris Hilton: Well, she is very pretty, but she doesn't seem to make very good choices. I haven't seen this new movie that she's in. I wish the best of luck to her, though. I hope she rises above her bad choices of the past.
Hilary Duff: I think it's a disgrace that she's so young and becoming famous so fast. Why does she want to do all that now? I know she must be making a boat load of money, which is of course a big incentive, but I would think that she'd want to do all the normal things that normal American kids do before her chances are gone.

~Final Thoughts~
Why do you want to join this community?: I've looked at some other rating communities, and for some reason this one just stuck out. I liked the application the best, the mods seemed neat, and basically it just rose to the top of the heap, so to speak.
What could you bring to the community?: Well, I'm on LJ a lot, so I'd be pretty active in here. I think I'm not too critical of other people, but I won't be afraid of stating my opinions when asked. If that's the kind of girl you're looking for, I'm it!
Who told you about our community/how did you find it?: Through your sister sites.
Promote us in three different places and show us the links (your mod WILL check):
Post at LEAST four clear pictures of yourself:


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