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Name: Nicole
Age: 13
Location: northidge, ca
Single?: ya
Piercings: only the ears
Do you play any sports?: soccer, tennis. i can also play basketball, football, volleyball, and softball.

Bands[5+]: system of a down, weezer, mcr, the killers, the used
Movies[5+]: pirates of the carribean, the ring, the ring two, meet the fockers, chocolate
Genre of music: rock
Stores: a&f, ae, hollister, pacsun, beyond the beach, forever 21, von dutch, coach
Books: the giver, walk two moons, of mice and men, cannery row
Songs: byob (by system of a down), all that ive got (the used), im not okay (mcr) && so much more
Television Programs: degrassi, mtv, pimp my ride, daria, punkd, gastineau girls, mtv cribs and more

~Least Favorites~
Bands: none. i love all the bands i know. LMFAO. there are probably bands out there that ill hate but ya. lol.
Movies: sound of music
Genre of music: rap (i used to love it..but its getting on my nerves. its always bout sex and shit)
Stores: club lubby lu's or w/e.
Books: the 21 balloons
Songs: t-shirt (destiny's child..THEY SUCK ASS)
Television Programs: zoey101 && fabulous or w/e

Do you put the cap back on the toothpaste?: once in a takes too long to open it and close it 4 times a day..
Do you play golf?: i have in the past. but im not very patient so i suck and it pisses me off. lol.
Have you ever been on the radio or on tv?: radio!!! kiis fm and kroq once.
What do you want to go to college for?: to make my parents happy..and i want to become a photographer.
Compliment the mod (pick one): thais. i love her name. it just like..rolls of your tounge. and it sounds sooo cool.
Have you ever left the country?: yep.
What do you think of peanut butter?: i love it.
What's your family life like?: well..i have two younger sisters..they dont get along. my older younger sister hates my youngest sister. she talks shit about her and is always mean to her. but then..sometimes..shes super nice to her so its really wierd...they both get on my nervs though. but i couldnt live without them. my mom and dad get along perfectly..thy probably only fight about twice a year. i love them.

please explain yourself

Eminem's lyrics: they're really bad..some are good. but most of them are not. so no.
Emo: sure....i think if ppl wanna be emo..wutever. but some ppl go overboard.
Abortion: no. its like killing a human.
Paris Hilton: haha. luv her. she makes me crack up.
Hilary Duff: FUCK NO!!!!! THAT POSER!!!! shes sucha..EWWWWW. yuck.

~Final Thoughts~
Why do you want to join this community?: cuz i want to get like..rated and shit. haha. lmfao.
What could you bring to the community?: another and i can make great banners.
Who told you about our community/how did you find it?: i was looking at some communities user info and this was on the sister community thing.
Promote us in three different places and show us the links (your mod WILL check):

Post at LEAST four clear pictures of yourself:

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