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*Edit, i made this post over a year ago... I am no longer around that area but i will keep this thread alive for i see many other people are finding this thread useful. Goodluck to anybody. P.s., If anybody comes by Richmond, Va and needs some help, send me a message and I'll point you in the right direction.

Hello, I am currently in the Nashville area and I'm not from here. I'm here for a week and am starting to get quite sick. Is there anybody that can point me in the right direction or help me out?
Sid Junky

As a heroin addict I can say….

I am tired of people thinking that they are hardcore because they smoke weed. Weed is the weakest drug there is. If you want to get high do a real drug like cocaine or heroin. That is hardcore. I know because I am a heroin addict. Do a real drug kiddies.

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Hey, I used to live in North Jersey, but now I live in the Barnegat, Toms River area and am having a hard time connecting with anyone.
I know this is an old journal, but hopefully someone can reach out, just message me, because I probably won't check the post comments of this post.

What to do,what to do?

So I had a baby 9 months ago,I stayed clean the whole time I was pregnant and for the first 5 months after. Buuuut,since I started my job and had the cash I've started using again. I never let my son go without but still I feel insanely guilty. Plus I'm in a new relationship and he has absolutely no idea. The thing is that I love dope and it loves me. We need each other. So what I'm asking is: Is it possible to live both lives? Does anyone else function like this? I need input. 
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My name is Katrina. And I am a junkie.

Hi, I'm new. I live in Jersey (closer to Camden and Philly than New York) and I love heroin. Everything was great before I lost my job. (Okay, not that great. Most of my paycheck went into my arm...) Now that I'm unemployed and my birthday/winter holidays have passed, I'm fucked. I'm looking for work but finding a job nowadays is like finding a needle in a haystack. At first I was looking for jobs that paid above minimum wage, but 19 years old with only a high school diploma doesn't get you much. SO ANYWAY. I'm considering a methadone clinic in Camden, but it's 65 bucks a week- and without a steady job, I have no way of paying that. I was thinking about getting prescribed suboxone or subutex- but it seems to be even more expensive. I don't need any advice or help in those areas, I'll figure shit out.

I'm just posting because my parents took my car keys (Got busted being on the nod.) and now I have no way of getting down to C-town, and I'm sick. And miserable. And sort of just wanted to bitch.

The thing is... I remember what sobriety was like before I started shootin' dope. And it sucked. I was an insomniac with seasonal depression. I don't want to be sober. I just want to feel good without giving all of my money to the pharmacuitical companies. (Unless they're prescribing me dilaudids- I'd sell my soul to The Man for that shit.) 

For some reason, people seem to forget that there's a reason I started doing all of this shit. And if I stop using, that reason is still going to be here. 

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