Effing Totes Rad.

drop it like it's hawt.

R4D Enufff?
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theme for the week: yo' room, kids.

We're here to Coach you through it, b.
Now here's the deal. Read all of the Rules, Regulations, and Application. Want to be totesrad? Apply yourself, now, bitches.

__totesrad is a rating community which views itself and its members as just that, totes rad. To apply, you must have a sense of humor, acceptable taste in the arts (movies, music, literature), personality, and intellect. And being pretty won't hurt, either.


1. Please join __totesrad within 24 hours of being accepted.
2. Make visuals decipherable and clear. No nudes, and none of that blurry nonsense, please.
3. Do not comment or post entries in __totesrad prior to acceptance, with exception of your application.
4. You may not re-apply after being rejected once.
5. Respect the mods. Take intrest in the mods. Love the mods.
6. Fill out the following application completely and insightfully.
7. Please put apps. under an ElJay-cut. *lj-cut text="Cut off here"* and in the " " put the text you want to show up. then add a */lj-cut* at the end annnnnnd change the * to < or >)
8. If you put 'mood,' and,'music,' on your application, we probs delete you before reading said app.
9. DoN't TyPe LiKe ThIs. We'll hate you a lot.
10. Gramatikal and speling erors will not be aceptud,
11. Title the subject line, 'Apply yo' self.'
12. Read the Rules and be hawt. or get shawt.

The Application.

//the basics//
Sexual Preference:

//the arts//
Music(at least 10):

Likes(at least six):
Dislikes(at least five):
Television programs:

//Tell us your favorite//
Article of clothing-
Color of nailpolish-
Type of cuisine-

What you think of each of the mods:

Promote in your journal and/or in your info. Provide linkkkk.

Fotos. 4+

1;; don't hesitate to be honest.
2;; don't talk back to the mods.
3;; participate in themes.
4;; don't be obnoxious.
5;; put your answer in the subject line. (YES/NO)
6;; appreciate that you're here, and post whatever you'd like.
as long as it's not text only.
7;; we expect that if you're promoting in here, you're promoting us in that community as well.

//We're Hawt. You Betta Be.//

//Deanna// measuringcups

//Rachel// wachelbobachel

//Samantha!// underpainting

//Kate// tonight_wontend

other options: here.
PC: right click on image you'd like to promote with and click 'properties'.
replace the image source in the promotional banners above with the new location.

remove stars.

Thank you for your time and patience.


80's movies, accents, art, audrey hepburn, autumn, ballet flats, belle & sebastian, belle and sebastian, ben folds, ben folds five, bill cosby., blur, bows and ribbons, bright eyes, britpop, c-town, caffiene, cake, cameras, catcher in the rye, chapelle's show, coffee, collared shirts, cts, cuddling, cute smiles, cutting hair, dancing, daughters!, deanna's fake accents, death cab for cutie, diet fitz's, documentaries, donnie darko, elitism, elliott smith, every time i die, eyeliner, fashion, ferris bueller, finger painting, friends, fudge, garden state, glassjaw, glenridge gym teacher, godspeed! you black emperor, good hair, gossip girl, hip bones, holding hands, homosexual boys, hugs, imperfection, infomercials, john kerry, kevin gnapoor, les savvy fav, lime, lindsay lohan, mc solaar, mean girls, metrosexuals, milk, mixtapes, movies, mr. balossi, music, myspace, nail polish, napoleon dynamite, neutral milk hotel, norma jean, not the color purple, office space, orangina, pavement, photography, politics, polka dots, popsicles, pretty girls make graves, rachel's new words, rainbows, randomness, reading, rent, root beer, sarah jessica parker, scene boys, schuyler longmore, seth cohen, sex and the city, shopping, sigur ros, singing, ski vests, sleep, sleeping, smelling good, snow, so many dynamos, starbucks, strobing, style, subway, summer, sunglasses, sushi, sweaters, ted leo/pharmacists, tennis shoes, the bens, the bled, the blood brothers, the breakfast club, the cosbys, the decemberists, the dresden dolls, the fiery furnaces, the food network, the golden girls, the jeffersons, the loop, the oc, the pixies, the postal service, the real world, the sex, the shins, the sub, the unicorns, the word face, theatre, thenumber12lookslikeyou, theories, thinking, thrift stores, walking, when harry met sally, white chocolate mocha, wicked