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Are you HAAS enough?

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Tuesday, November 9th, 2004
5:27 pm - because bush is not my president


*(The Application)*
(*) Name;  Ms. Diana A. Ofosu
(*) Where you at;   S.A. town nukkah!
(*) Gender;    Fe-male

(*) Top TEN bands: whoa ok here we go: Taking Back Sunday, Strokes, The Anniversary (even though they broke up), hot hot heat, Taking back sunday again, Queen,  Postal Service, Santana, Thursday, and duh TAFT RAIDER BAND
(*) Top 6 books: UM.... seer and the sword, the sequal to that, This Lullaby, The Truth about forever, I am now the girlriend of  a Sex God (or something or other), is that six?
(*) Favorite MOVIE:   Napoleon Dynamite! and Fiddler on the Roof
(*) Favorite SONG: oh wow... hmm, Every song on the new TBS  CD especially the one that goes "well it's looooove make it hurt" and the one that goes "said i'm gonna have myself in shambles", AND that prayer song by charolette church and the dude with the dead sexy voice, AND that song we jam out to in megans car, i think it might be scorpions or some band tha begins with S, and that santana song.
(*) Favorite BAND:  TBS DUH
(*) Favorite FOOD: your moms speghetti pot pie
(*) Favorite DAY OF THE WEEK: any day that i dont have to go to school or a football game


(*) least favorite PERSON: your mother
(*) least favorite FOOD; your moms speghetti pot pie WITH tomatoes
(*) least favorite BAND: warrior band
(*) least favorite BOOK; eeeeh, all the books they make you read in english courses like the red pony one, and the stupid one with the jewish kid, and the shakespeare one with the fairies. wtf
(*) least favorite DAY OF THE WEEK: the day your mother was concieved


^What do you think of...^

X The president-- ewww honestly, megan i think you already know i hate mr. bush
IXI Abortion-- ohmm well i think you shouldn't be able to kill a baby after 3 months of being pregnant... but wtf i dont know.
IXI Eating disorders-- Mary-kate olsen, what?
IXI Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen-- eating disorder, what?
IXI Feminism-- as long as your moms not invovled then i'm cool.
IXI Dinosaurs-- hoss
IXI Strawberries-- haas
IXI Levi Jeans-- HAWS
IXI School Spirit-- go raiders, or actually just go raider band:?

IXI Italians-- hawt! haha jk i dont of course you gotta love the person that came up with pizza and that made sam.
IXI Rap music-- wurd? jigga


***Post atleast TWO pictures of yourself. We would atleast like to know what you look
like. Don't worry about not being accepted!***


jesus h. christ....



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6:19 pm



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Monday, November 8th, 2004
4:25 pm - ah haas!

Welcome to __totally__haas!


this is also just a test... haas i know!

current mood: busy

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