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Hey, I'm so glad I found this community, I'm completely lost on how to customize my journal. Actually, if it's not too much trouble, along with this would you please give me a small run down of how to actually insert this and make it work, and further how to PROPERLY credit the community? I know HTML pretty well, but I wouldn't know where to physically put the code. With that said, lets get started...

I'm basically doing a friends only clerks theme journal. I've got all the icons and pictures and "friends only" banner and things I need, I just need a fairly simplistic black and white film style journal.

Colour Scheme: Black, white, and all that's in between. A bit of gold or yellow for any film reels or the like, but other then that, it should all be black and white and sort of fuzzy.

Comments: (#)?! Blastphamy! | Empire or Jedi?
Alignment: right

Background picture: Something to do with the actual PHYSICAL film I guess, anything that goes with the theme will do as long as it's not clerks OR stock black and white footage. Honestly, use anything that'll look half decent. I know enough to change it if I find something more suitable.
Position: left or center
Scrolling: Stationary
Colour: In keeping with the scheme

Font Type: I happen to like times, or bookman old style. Anything classic is more than suitable.
Size: 10, 11 or 12 depending on what suits it more. Shouldn't be larger unless the small looks terrible.
Font Colour: Should keep with the theme and be VERY noticeable.
Title: What, for the journal? "I'm not even suppose to be here today!" If it's NOT for the journal title, please feel free to message me and clarify.

Page cursor: Nothing special, keep original
Text Alignment: Left please.

Link Colours:
-Unvisited (yellow)
-Visited (deep orange)
-Active (keep with the theme)
-Hover (same colour as text)
Decorations: Blur? Again, this one is sort of vague. Whatever looks awesome.
Scroll bar colours: Keep with the theme again please

Border type: a long dash would be nice, sort of reminds me of the little holes on the side of film. Again, completely relivant to what looks good.
Thickness: Not overpowering, but not barely noticable. Go with a 3 and see what it feels like.
Colour: Keep with the theme.
Entry Position: I really don't care, but it should look neat. Can change that later if I don't like it.


Anything else? Not much, I think I covered it all. I know that's a LOT of black and white, but all the grays in the world make up a lovely rainbow. I leave it to you, and thanks a bunch if you guys get around to this :)


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