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i heard about this crazy idea. what about wearing knee high toe socks pulled up ova spandex and a leotard ova the spandex. i heard its supposed to be really comfy? im a guy and wanna try that just around to see what it feels like, where can i get these things from though? what will it feel like? if its in private or under my clothes it doesnt matter what it looks like too. will it feel good? i don't even know how to put some of it on if i had it haha! so basically, where to get the stuff and what would it be like?

Toe Sock Tidbit

I was just doing some research on socks and discovered that toe socks were apparently invented by an Italian businessman in an attempt to help heal his severe athlete's foot. They were popularized by Ellie Gordon of HOT SOX, who capitalized on the idea by adding the distinctive rainbow stripes and other pretty patterns. More research is needed, but I thought I'd share this tidbit with you all. Enjoy! :)
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