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Hey I have a merchandise/gift card for $106.00 from Tiffanys & Co. that I do not plan on using and was hoping to sell, I have great feedback just about everywere. I'll send the Tiffany's box where the card came and receipt.

Please make an offer :) Thank you!
For serious?, HOUSE

a Tiffant piece for sale

I have an authentic Tiffany & Co necklace I am trying to sell. It's the open heart pendant a. (the larger one..

Here is a link which contains a photo. SHould be the 4th picture, click it and it gives more of a description ect.
I could also put the item on ebay for the price you want it at if you would like.

It will come with the box and pouch it came with. Hoping to sell it for around $120 shipped? leave comments or other offers... and you can feel free to email me at if interested.
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I have an authentic graduated bead necklace for sale! It retails for $180...I'm selling it for $105 shipped! This is a steal! I got it as a present, I've worn it once or twice but it's really not my style. Comment if interested!
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Okay folks, I didn't see anything against this in the rules, but if this post isn't welcome, feel free to delete it - I just figured hey, who in this community wouldn't want a free Tiffany's necklace?

It's like those free iPod deals, only with a Tiffany's necklace, you can choose from several designs. All you do is sign up, complete an offer, and get five people to do the same, and lots of the deals are free - applying for credit cards, free 30-day trials of AOL, etc...I think it's legit, and it'd be FANTASTIC if you ladies would help a broke student get a pretty necklace! Happy holidays!
Chucks and gowns are perfect attire.

Nothing yet....

Hi ya'll!
I'm new and don't have anything of the Tiffany persuasion yet, but I want to know... what would be the perfect first piece? I'm not a big fan of the Open Heart necklace but I love the "Return to Tiffany" Line.
Any suggestions?
What was your first piece?


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Ugh, I thought fellow Tiffany lovers would be interested in this, SLASH feel my pain.

Ok well I got heaps of my friends to put in money to buy our other friend a Tiffanys Necklace, it was two hundred and eighty dollars, and FUCK, we gave it to her at her party, and she hadnt even worn it, and it got STOLLEN, and not only THAT, her mum went back to Tiffany's to buy a replacement, and THEY DIDNT HAVE THE SAME ONE.


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hello everyone : )
i'm new to this community & i just had a few questions in hopes that some of you may be able to answer them !

i was looking on the tiffanys website in the return to tiffany collection.. and i was wondering if they made anything that comes on a longer chain then 16 inch?
the only thing i saw was the heart tag pendant which comes on a 34" chain.

i guess everyone is different in lengths of chains but i was wondering how short or long the heart tag bracelet or necklace would be.

i guess if its not on the website then i guess they dont make anything longer than a 16" but if any of you can help me with this it would be much apprecaited !!

thanks in advace ♥