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                         THIS DAY AND AGE.

The first ever livejournal community dedicated to This Day and Age

This community is for fans of the band:This Day and Age.

It is for discussion of the band, gigs,music, other bands and anything else we may find interesting.

Anyone is free to join.


1) Make all of your posts related to This Day And Age, please. Any posts that are completely unrelated, or just stupid will be deleted, so you shouldn't even bother.

2) Have respect for others in the community. Don't be rude if you don't need to be. Also do not be rude to the Mods.

3) Don't join if you just want to make smart comments about the band, and you aren't actually a fan. Its annoying, and depending on the content, these posts may be deleted as well.

4) Also please don't post things in an attempt to make others jealous. It may be fun for you, but not for anyone else. No-on cares if your cousin knows Jeff or whatever.

5) If you're going to post pictures, please make sure every one of them is behind a cut. If you need help with that, e-mail one of the mods.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about the community, the mod can be emailed at xstarry_night_skiesx@hotmail.com


Jeff Martin

Steve Padin

Kenny Campell

Mike Carroll

Currently over 100 members, and growing everyday.

Mod:   xslow_dancex

Credit to __maybebaby for the icon

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