Next time you see us we will be looking a bit different... original bass player peter arcara will be replacing kenny campbell (on very good terms) and we have also added keyboardist kelly sciandra... thisdayandage's live show will be even more fun beginning april 22nd.

Uh, WHY!?
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This Day & Age is playing in Hamden CT [40 minutes from me] at The Space on the 28th & I might not be able to go. BOO!

I think my boyfriend has had enough carting me around to TD&A shows, so [seeing as I have no license...] I think I'm just gonna ask my flippin' mom to bring me, she can hang out at The Space or not, but I'm going to see them. I already promised Steve I would be at the show!! I doubt he will remember me, but I still promised & I don't like to go back on promises!

Anyways, is anyone else a] from CT & b] going to the show? Because you should if you aren't. If you haven't been to The Space before it's an amazing place...true, it seems a little sketchy being in the middle of an abandoned wearhouse parking lot, but it's still cool nonetheless. So come!



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If you want it:

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  • erac

i really enjoy birthdays!!!

the day we've all been waiting for!!....


you are such an old man now!!!! thank you for contributing your
kindness into my life. who else puts my awesome senior picture on
their guitar and then tours around the country?? and although this is a virtual (public) birthday card for birthday cards will ever top your real homemade
one for my birthday! but it was a great attempt! and even though i just
got off the phone with you it is worth reiterating that....i hope you
have the most wonderful birthday of all time because you're the man
jeffybabe!!! see you.........tomorrow!!! :o)!!


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we look so in love, let's just be honest...
...actually, you like you are my father and about to scold me.

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never gets old. what a classic.

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Hello, everyone. My name is Kristina, and last night is when I just became this bands fan. Their music is wonderful, and the band members are so sweet.

Not to make a big post, I'll leave it at that.

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So I was looking through the 'This Day & Age' Cover and read the 'thank you to:' and was so impressed with how they started it that I wanted to post it in an open forum. Before anything else they thank "our lord & savior Jesus Christ." A lot of bands don't put that even if they believe it; afriad that they will lose fans that don't have the same beliefs. But as a Christian that understands that there are pressures to conceal your faith in society, it is really inspring to see a band being very open about it. Thank you This Day & Age for giving Christians another source of strength.

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