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everyone remember to watch this day and age on stevens untitled rock show this week on thursday, may 19th at 10pm ET. it will also be on friday, may 20th at 4pm ET. it's an interview from when they played at the bamboozle festival in new jersey a few weekends ago. my chemical romance, armor for sleep, and the bouncing souls will also be on.

you can also go hereCollapse ) to watch a little exerpt of it (column on the left).

If you go, I'll wait for you

Hey all! I'm new to the community, and fairly new to TDAA. I've been listening to "...Always Leave the Ground" for a few months now. LOVE IT!

Anyone else seeing them in Detroit on the 23rd?

or in St.Louis on the 28th?

I plan to go to both :) If you're going I'd love to say hey to you at the show!
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Don't get me wrong...

So I am officially going to be touring with TDAA, Lovedrug, Mae, and Hidden in Plain View starting July 13th and lasting 3 weeks. I am not bragging, but am urging anyone with pre-concieved notions about me to go to the show on the 21st, so we may talk things out. I look forward to seeing you lovely people there. Especially cinnimintifresh.
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Im new to the community but i just saw This day & age for the first time on Thursday. i went out to lunch with Peter, Steve, and Mike to Mcdonalds.

i have pictures from the show
boston picsCollapse )

Im going to see them again tomorrow in Hartford.

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