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This Day and Age

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9/28 @ 3:33 pm

Hey guys. I went to the concert in buffalo and took some pictures but I am writing a review of the concert for my school paper and was wondering if anyone knew the name of the new song that they played this time and the last time they came.

Buffalo Concert PicsCollapse )
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MANIA TV!! [Tuesday
9/27 @ 7:31 pm




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obviously. [Sunday
9/25 @ 5:01 pm

was anyone at the show in buffalo last night?
cause it was incredible.

did anyone else have as much fun as i did?

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Dude man Dude. [Tuesday
9/13 @ 8:23 pm

Hey guys! Im new, i just joined the community, because i never knew it existed.

I wanna share my love for TD&A.


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hello! [Thursday
9/8 @ 11:06 pm
i just went to their show at the epicentre last night in san diego and took a video of "second place victory"

here's the link if anyone wants it:

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....watch the sun go down... [Monday
8/15 @ 7:55 pm


hiya guys, i have been in this community for a little bit, but havent posted ever :) i made this this day and age inspired painting..... :)


so here we go.......Collapse )

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8/15 @ 1:56 pm

[ mood | awake ]

Alright I saw the fellas at Warped Tour on Randall's Island (NY) and it was a great show. I actually think it was a better show than when they opened up for Mae last month at The Downtown. The boys just seemed really into it. As always they were incredibly polite and appreciative. I thought it was funny when Jeff said, "Hey, so after this show, we're walking back to our tent, and we'd love it if you walked back with us." I guess that's really all I have to say. I'm waiting on my girlfriend to upload the pics and then I'll post them here.

I missed the first song they played but I think it was:

Tomorrow is Waiting
I Remember Me
Second Place Victory
History is Falling For Science

It was refreshing because it was one of the few shows where the crowd was tame, and attentive. Much like the show at the Downtown last month about 15-20 kids were singing along to every word, but close to 40 or 50 people had not a clue who they were. Strange.

Oh, and lastly, the girl on Jeff's guitar would be who??

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7/22 @ 10:02 pm

pics from an amazing home show.
i hope u all enjoy

lets show them how to liveCollapse )
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Pictures! [Friday
7/22 @ 9:59 pm

I know I hardly ever post on here, but, the boys came home last night and here are some pictures...

4 Behind The Cut...Collapse )
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pictures!! [Friday
7/22 @ 12:41 pm

[ mood | exhausted ]

so my local loves tdaa came back home last night to play a show with hidden in plain view. and it was AMAZING.

the rest of my pictures are up at


tell me what you think :-)

oh and btw, their new song was really awesome.

and who else dances to them like crazy?!


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This Day and Age on ManiaTV.com... [Monday
7/18 @ 5:08 pm
This Day and Age will be featured July 21th as the Artist of the Day on…


See the interviews at 3 and 8pm EST...
Make a request for your favorite video...

Register to win a chance at cool giveaways...

What do U think?!!
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7/18 @ 1:09 am

hey guys.

I just joined. I saw
This Day &Age @ the
Wheaton Grand tonite &they were
amazing. I just downloaded
some of their songs from
purevolume &I can't stop
listening to them. I can't wait
to see them again on Tuesday.

- to Steve: thanks for giving
me &my friend(Ashley) parking
advice... very much appreciated.
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7/13 @ 4:05 pm

the show tomororw with this day and age is sold out.
but does anyone have 2 extra tickets
it would beeee greatly appericiateddd

AIM - that is rockin
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Update journal. [Tuesday
7/5 @ 9:18 pm

[ mood | amused ]

Taken from absolutepunk.net:

Listen To This Day & Age:

Being a slow news day and all I just wanted to say I've been listening to a lot of This Day & Age again lately. It's such a pleasure to remember how great their album, Always Leave The Ground, is. If you have yet to check out this band then do so on their pureVOLUME or Myspace pages. This band deserves to be much bigger and I expect it's only a matter of time before they are.

by Jared Kaufman on Jul 05, 2005 - 10:01 AM - 41 Replies


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6/28 @ 10:08 pm

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey all--I'm new to the community, so I thought I'd give you a lil' bio:

My name is Kelly, I'm 22, and I'm from Michigan. I LOVE This Day and Age - they opened for Motion City Soundtrack at a show in Grand Rapids, and I had never heard them before. As it turns out, I love them even more than MCS...go figure. Also really enjoy Mae and The Academy Is, and The Fallout Boy, and ...hm. I could go on and on really.


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6/26 @ 9:59 am

is anyone else going to see mae, tdaa,lovedrug, and dpping daylight at the downtown july 14?
i just found out about this show. and it sounds pretty mint
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Yesss!!!! [Sunday
6/12 @ 6:29 pm

[ mood | ecstatic ]

So I'm going to Warped Tour this August annnnnnnnnnnd I have NEVER been this excited to go as I am right now because I'll FINALLY see TDAA perform live!!!

okay...that's all i have to say!!!

Have a super day!


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6/3 @ 9:28 pm

Does anyone have the songs from Always Leave the Ground on their computers in mp3 format? Anytime anyones sent them to me its always in .wma and i dont want that. I dont know how to get them off of the cd or else I would. Please help me.

sn: iheartta2dpunks
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6/3 @ 1:50 pm

......If you go to MTV.com --> music videos --> Rock, This Day & Age is featured as one of six bands, the other five being Alkaline Trio, My Chemical Romance, Muse, Slipknot, and Hot Hot Heat.

Or you could just click this.
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all i can read is my husband. [Friday
6/3 @ 1:36 pm

to whomever created the layout.. and the picture on top..
i think ____rah.

what does it say on the picture on the left?
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