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There are very few bands I've seen live 7 times. The only ones that spring to mind are in fact As Tall as Lions, Graham Colton (I think I've only seen them 5 times) a band from college called Weekend Excursion and now This Day and Age. However, This Day and Age is breaking up after Saturday night, and that event is the reason for this entry. I saw them last night and while I can't say I cried and/or bawled I did feel extremely sad. Bands breaking up for some always is a big event that leaves a dent in my soul for a little while. It happened briefly with the band Honestly, more so with the band Acceptance, a bit with the Juliana Theory and Stars in December, and South FM, but nothing has hit me nearly as hard as This Day and Age. I mean I've seen them seven times. They were a band I was absolutely crazy about. It is almost the equivalent of ATAL breaking up but not that bad.

It just seems weird to me. Trying to wrap my head around this morning and know that I won't ever see Jeff Martin at a show anymore, I won't ever hear his voice on a record, and I won't ever get to hear songs like Slideshow, Second Place Victory, The Day We Started, Sara Poor Sara, Eustace, Always Straight Ahead, Second Star To The Right, History Is Falling For Science, More of A Climb Less Of A Walk, and The Bell and the Hammer live ever again. That just tears me up, it really does. They were so incredible and while they will go on without Jeff, it's that simple fact that sucks the most. Jeff was such a cool guy. But so it goes. And onward we march. I guess I'm just glad I saw them last night. Me and the 75 other people were oh so lucky.

That's all for now. RIP This Day and Age. RIP. Thanks for the memories.

If anyone is interested in the songs they played last night at the Village Pub. They were:

percussion intro
Always Straight Ahead
The Bell and the Hammer
Second Place Victory
More Of A Climb, Less Of A Walk
The Day We Started
Second Star To The Right
All We Thought We Could

All We Thought We Could was pretty amazing live, and it was nice to hear the two tunes from the old disc. Onstage though things were weird. Jeff didn't really talk to the rest of the band, and it just had a funny vibe to it. Kelly even forgot the opening part to All We Thought We Could and Jeff seemed to cringe a bit. Anyways, it was rad to be a part of it.

That is all.

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