Greg (thewindowpane) wrote in __thisdayandage,

I saw the boys in Syracuse at the Empty Cup. Man that place is cool. For a tiny little room it had some pretty good sound and the place was p-a-c-k-e-d!

Unfortunately they played the same set of songs I saw them play in Hartford just a few weeks ago.

The set was the following:

Always Straight Ahead
Sarah Poor Sarah
Second Place Victory
The Bell and the Hammer
Winter Winter Spring (Not sure about that one)
Second Star To The Right

Has anyone seen them in support of the album lately? It's really an absolute pleasure to watch. From the lamps on stage, to Michael's owl amp, to the heavy percussion intro to Eustace becoming virtually an instrumental the band really has a newfound confidence, and a real sense of musicianship that I think holds its own with any touring band in the country thus far.

Anybody want to disagree!?!? Feel free to send me a shout on AIM at:

Pictures to come soon.

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