.rachi'll slit your throat. (cinnamintifresh) wrote in __thisdayandage,
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J Fenske ... SHMAY FENSKE.


Who is this JUSTIN guy???

I bet he doesn't even KNOW the boys in TD&A!

... and he thinks we're JEALOUS?


I bet Justin didn't get to talk to Steve on the phone through a friend of a friend of a neighbor once! I mean, he really had no idea who I was and I pretty much just told him I'm his bIgGeSt fan eVeR the whole time.
(PS. Steve, if you read this... I'm STiLL YouR BiGGeSt FaN EvEr!!!)

But, I mean, he HAD to have remembered me. Because I called back and I sang EVERY word to SLiDeSHoW on his voicemail!!!

But anywayz!!

Ladies, let's get together and get PoSeRS like Justin out of the community!!

*** Who's with me!? ***
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