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So I definitely love the keyboard being in EVERY SINGLE LIVE SONG THEY PLAY. Yay!

I had my mom drive me 40 minutes just to see TD&A play. We were late by like 10 minutes into their set, so I listened to...4[?] songs, then they were done. Pft, a 40 minute drive is worth 15 minutes of TD&A songs any day!!

If my mom comments on how 'fucking adorable' they all are again I may have to resort to suicide, haha.

STEVE REMEMBERED ME! That made me so happy. After their set he was like "YOU WERE LATE WEREN'T YOU! I didn't see you guys [by that he meant my boyfriend & I...but my boyfriend was sick so my mom brought me!] & was like awww man!!" It made me feel special! He told me to tell Dan [my boyfriend] to feel better...awwww. Then Jeff remembered me too & gave me stuff to give to Dan to feel better hahaha. I love those guys.

Awesome show. I loved them, my mom loved them, & I can't wait to see them May 8th =D!

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