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This Day & Age is playing in Hamden CT [40 minutes from me] at The Space on the 28th & I might not be able to go. BOO!

I think my boyfriend has had enough carting me around to TD&A shows, so [seeing as I have no license...] I think I'm just gonna ask my flippin' mom to bring me, she can hang out at The Space or not, but I'm going to see them. I already promised Steve I would be at the show!! I doubt he will remember me, but I still promised & I don't like to go back on promises!

Anyways, is anyone else a] from CT & b] going to the show? Because you should if you aren't. If you haven't been to The Space before it's an amazing place...true, it seems a little sketchy being in the middle of an abandoned wearhouse parking lot, but it's still cool nonetheless. So come!



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