May 9th, 2006

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I had the pleasure of seeing TDAA play at Flipside Fest this past Sunday.

It was quite a different set. First of all they switched stages and played at a different time slot. Both them and the Matches swapped for reasons I do not know.

They actually had the largest showing of fans I’ve ever seen for a TDAA and set (I’ve seen them 3 times now) I want to say close to 150 to 200 people were there all singing along.

They opened up with the new song that features the part “We’ll never know what’s around the bend” which had a more funky intro, that I hadn’t heard the last time I heard it. Second Place Victory was next and it was a full out rocker. Totally not a ballad. I personally didn’t like it, but it was good. Just not a powerhouse like it usually is. The Day We Started was next and that was good. They played two more new songs, lyrics I don’t remember, and then closed with History is Falling For Science, and that as always is amazing live. They seemed extremely reserved however, very shy and quiet, and Jeff didn’t even seem to rock out as much until the set's closer. Personally he seemed more focused with how the new songs came out than putting on a good show, but I could be wrong. Kelly had his hair completely cut and that was pretty wild. Didn't feel right at all. I think it’s Joe, that’s their new bassist, and he continues to show why he is the best thing to ever happen to this band. Not only was he completely hilarious, it was some of his best playing I’ve seen and I really do love his addition to the band.

Even the lead guitarist (name is escaping me) didn’t rock out as much which was a shock. They were waiting for over an hour to play though and had everything set up so maybe that’s why the lackluster set, but I don’t know, I left a bit disappointed. I know Jeff has been sick recently but still, it was all so tame. They are always worth it though but maybe I just need to get used to the new stuff, or maybe hear more old stuff.

I’d love to know what other Flipside goers thought of the performance.

I talked to Jeff about two hours after their set and told him briefly how much the new stuff rocked, because it is really good, it’s just taking me a bit to get used to it. The album is also completely finished which is way impressive. He said no song titles have been set yet and that the band finished the CD so early because they spent over 20 hours in the studio every day for 3 months. That’s like wow. My hat's off to them.

That’s all from me!