April 28th, 2005


hey, TDAA was at home this past weekend and I got a chance to see them play their instore at Media Play last saturday. I took a lot of pictures, most of them are blury, but whatever.. look on the bright side.. now you know what they look like blurry! yes!


go to www.screamingformusic.bravehost.com and if you go to pictures, it will be right there. also i reviewed their cd so its under the cd review page. please comment our guestbook! it will be much appreciated!!

lots of love,


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So I definitely love the keyboard being in EVERY SINGLE LIVE SONG THEY PLAY. Yay!

I had my mom drive me 40 minutes just to see TD&A play. We were late by like 10 minutes into their set, so I listened to...4[?] songs, then they were done. Pft, a 40 minute drive is worth 15 minutes of TD&A songs any day!!

If my mom comments on how 'fucking adorable' they all are again I may have to resort to suicide, haha.

STEVE REMEMBERED ME! That made me so happy. After their set he was like "YOU WERE LATE WEREN'T YOU! I didn't see you guys [by that he meant my boyfriend & I...but my boyfriend was sick so my mom brought me!] & was like awww man!!" It made me feel special! He told me to tell Dan [my boyfriend] to feel better...awwww. Then Jeff remembered me too & gave me stuff to give to Dan to feel better hahaha. I love those guys.

Awesome show. I loved them, my mom loved them, & I can't wait to see them May 8th =D!
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