February 15th, 2005

To All of You Fans of TDA

I'm new to the community so I'll introduce myself. My name is Pete, and I used to/am going to be playing bass in TDA. I don't think any of the guys have posted in here so I guess I'm the first. I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who like our music and post nice comments in this community. Its great to know that our music is connecting with people. That's it for now and I'll see you guys this summer...
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sunglasses schmunglasses.

ThaT's aLL i AsK!!!!!

Ya know what guys? You're ToTaLLy right. The BeAuTiFuL boys in TDAA would totally KiLL me if they knew what I was writing in here.

I'm so happy I have FRiEnDS like you all that can help me stay grounded ;) ;) ;)

I mean, after all, they're just NORMAL guys. And I should know, I talk to them online sometimes!! And when I do, Steve is ALWAYS so sweet to me! One time, he TOTALLY bumped into me at one of their shows!

I was so SToKeD, I didn't shower for three months <333333333 :) :) !!!!!!

Also, I wonder what those GirLs meant when they said they hate PpL who type with a mix of capital and LoWeR CaSe LeTTeRs.

I think it makes things a lot more fun <3333


And to get the party started:

MoRe IcOnS!!

You guys can thank soul_tokeep and fergie2004 for these ones :) !!!!!!!1111






Enjoy GuYs!!!!111

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Alright guys look, i realize the majority joined this community because we think this day and age has amazing music.
if you're here to be an asshole and act like youre an 8 year old, dont waste our lives. you must have something better to do than waste your time making fun of this. grow up and get over yourself.