February 13th, 2005

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No offence at all to any of you, but this whole " IM FRIENDS WITH THEM SO STOP BEING LIKE OMG LOLLOLLOL~!113214LOL THEYRE SO HOT"
none of it matters.
you like them, so youre in the community. bottom line. im just sick of seeing all the comments "I LOVE JEFF!!" " OH WELL IM FRIENDS WITH JEFF SO YOU SUCK BLAHBH "

im done

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It's kind of weird that I was in Barnes and Noble, looking at AP Magazine, and there was an ad for This Day and Age. So, I took a picture of it.

but then, I went back to the car, and I sat down, the radio was on, and it was This Day and Age?

Yeah it was a weird expirience, I think the weirdest part was the whole fact I was talking about them earlier this morning, and last night. Then the whole magazine thing afterwords, but then the radio?

It was a good feeling though.


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