TD&A and fans today

Hello everyone!

This Day & Age still rocks, as I love to think, cuz their music is still sounds awesome.

I'm in a way to collect all CDs. I know, there is more than decade left from the last shows (not counting nice reunion in december 2017) and there are so tiny chance to hear anyone here, but... HOW ARE YOU, PEOPLE? :D

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i'm not sure if anyone reads this community much, but i felt the need to post.

tower records at 4th and broadway in manhattan, which will be closing before the end of the month, had several new copies of "always leave the ground" still for sale at $3.90 when i was there on friday. if you're in the area, you might want to check it out!

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There are very few bands I've seen live 7 times. The only ones that spring to mind are in fact As Tall as Lions, Graham Colton (I think I've only seen them 5 times) a band from college called Weekend Excursion and now This Day and Age. However, This Day and Age is breaking up after Saturday night, and that event is the reason for this entry. I saw them last night and while I can't say I cried and/or bawled I did feel extremely sad. Bands breaking up for some always is a big event that leaves a dent in my soul for a little while. It happened briefly with the band Honestly, more so with the band Acceptance, a bit with the Juliana Theory and Stars in December, and South FM, but nothing has hit me nearly as hard as This Day and Age. I mean I've seen them seven times. They were a band I was absolutely crazy about. It is almost the equivalent of ATAL breaking up but not that bad.

It just seems weird to me. Trying to wrap my head around this morning and know that I won't ever see Jeff Martin at a show anymore, I won't ever hear his voice on a record, and I won't ever get to hear songs like Slideshow, Second Place Victory, The Day We Started, Sara Poor Sara, Eustace, Always Straight Ahead, Second Star To The Right, History Is Falling For Science, More of A Climb Less Of A Walk, and The Bell and the Hammer live ever again. That just tears me up, it really does. They were so incredible and while they will go on without Jeff, it's that simple fact that sucks the most. Jeff was such a cool guy. But so it goes. And onward we march. I guess I'm just glad I saw them last night. Me and the 75 other people were oh so lucky.

That's all for now. RIP This Day and Age. RIP. Thanks for the memories.

If anyone is interested in the songs they played last night at the Village Pub. They were:

percussion intro
Always Straight Ahead
The Bell and the Hammer
Second Place Victory
More Of A Climb, Less Of A Walk
The Day We Started
Second Star To The Right
All We Thought We Could

All We Thought We Could was pretty amazing live, and it was nice to hear the two tunes from the old disc. Onstage though things were weird. Jeff didn't really talk to the rest of the band, and it just had a funny vibe to it. Kelly even forgot the opening part to All We Thought We Could and Jeff seemed to cringe a bit. Anyways, it was rad to be a part of it.

That is all.
this day and age

I know it's going to make you cry.

For those of you who might not have heard the devastating this note from Jeff.

I don't know about all of you, but I seriously could not believe it.  I sat here and cried for like 20 minutes.  I finally gathered myself together...and then my cell phone rang && "second place victory" is my ringtone so that set me off again.

I completely understand why he has to do this, but I still wish things were different. I just can't imagine life without the anticipation of seeing them live or the arrival of a new cd.  

But it's times like these I also give thanks for having this day & age brought to me, because their music has changed my life, and the band as people have given me some of the best nights and favorite memories ever.

they'll never die. they'll be alive within all of us.

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SO i thought i would post This Day & Age current tour dates as listed on their  myspace for all you lucky Americans!

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I saw the boys in Syracuse at the Empty Cup. Man that place is cool. For a tiny little room it had some pretty good sound and the place was p-a-c-k-e-d!

Unfortunately they played the same set of songs I saw them play in Hartford just a few weeks ago.

The set was the following:

Always Straight Ahead
Sarah Poor Sarah
Second Place Victory
The Bell and the Hammer
Winter Winter Spring (Not sure about that one)
Second Star To The Right

Has anyone seen them in support of the album lately? It's really an absolute pleasure to watch. From the lamps on stage, to Michael's owl amp, to the heavy percussion intro to Eustace becoming virtually an instrumental the band really has a newfound confidence, and a real sense of musicianship that I think holds its own with any touring band in the country thus far.

Anybody want to disagree!?!? Feel free to send me a shout on AIM at:

Pictures to come soon.
this day and age

the bell & the hammer.

hello everyone.

to those of you who have gotten it already (and I assume that's nearly everyone!) I just wanted to know what you think about the new cd.

favorite songs?
comparison to ...always leave the ground.?
album art?

anything you want to share. :D

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hi! i'm jeana. i just wanted to point out that the new this day & age promo picture (the one as their new default myspace pic) is the coolest and craziest band picture i've seen! not to mention, creative! :) i love it!

and i was also looking for a picture, and wondering if anyone could help. at bamboozle, i received a small flier for TD&A's new album, and it had a really adorable picture of the band... i think, they were all crowded in a doorway or something. every one of them has a big smile. anyways, i dropped the flier, so i was wondering if that picture is online somewhere??