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This is a supportive community for anorexics, bulimics, and ed's.

Rules for __thinspiration

Disclaimer: Any posts that do not agree with these rules can be deleted with or without warning. Please bide by the rules.

1. Do not “lurk”. After joining, introduce yourself.
2. Respect other members. Degrading comments are not allowed.
3. No promoting any other community in __thinspiration unless you e-mail the mods at thinspration__@hotmail.com
4. No Anti-Ana/Mia Trolls. You will be banned.
5. Grammar. No one is perfect, but please try to use proper spelling and grammar. Use spell check before you post or www.dictionary.com if your not sure about something.
6. Put 2+ pictures under a cut. Some of our members don’t want their friends page clogged up so please make sure you use an lj cut. Any questions on how to work this feel free to e-mail the mods (thinspration__@hotmail.com).
7. If you are new, please introduce yourself and fill out the following application form. We would like to know who is in our community. Application
8. Broken images and the like will be deleted. If you are looking for an image host photobucket.com is free and good. They also supply coding needed to post picture.
9. Nude images are welcome, but please put them under a cut with a small disclaimer(can be in small font under the cut)). Not everyone wants to see nudity.
10. Keep active and have fun. People tend to join these communities and then be active for a while then stop. This is not welcome here. If you no longer want to be in this community delete it or be deleted. If you are deleted but wish to be in this community, please e-mail us telling us about our mistake. You will probably have a warning before being deleted.
11.Make all entries friends only. MODS may not for certain reasons but all members MUST!! We will leave you a comment & give you 2 days, after that the entry will be deleted. How to make posts friends only
12.And of course, have fun!!!

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Note: If anyone would like to give any suggestions for the community it would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or comments, the email address of the maintainers is listed above.


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