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New [29 Jan 2012|10:22pm]
Hi everyone. My name is Lo. I was a member of this group in a previous life, and have decided to come back. I hate myself, but I'm trying not to. Once upon a time, this place was filled with love, support and people from all walks of life. That's what I need. A place where I don't have to be afraid to speak openly.


Height:  5'6ish
Current Weight:  170 :[
Highest Weight:  240 (neverneveragain)
Lowest Weight:  131
First Goal Weight:  158 by Feb 25th
Second Goal Weight:  145 by March 15th
ED:  EDNOS, with bulimic tendencies. Lax abuse, diet pill abuse and heavy restricting.

I would really love to get to 120 pounds. I was almost to that goal about a year ago, but I started seeing a boy. We went out to eat all the time, and I got too comfortable. Now I'm obese. I live with said boy, and I'm very in love. His family, however, always makes me feel shitty about my weight. April 16th is his sister's wedding. I would like to be 130 by then.

My current pant size is a 12. I was, at one point, a 4.

I want to love myself, and I can't unless I'm tiny. So I need that.

Please please please please please please please lend me some support. And suggestions and ideas would be wonderful, too. And a text buddy in the states would be fantastic.

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