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Thin to Infinity.

Because Taylor said so.

We're NOT a pro-ed community.
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This is a supportive, eating disorder centered community.

This is not a place to talk about 'Ana && Mia'.
This is not a place to learn how to develop an eating disorder.
This is not a place to come if you are starting a diet.

Eating disorders are not about 'losing a few pounds', or about being thin. If you are recovering, consider your decision carefully before joining as simply viewing this community could trigger relapse; however, even those in recovery are welcome.

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Click the picture directly above for full instructions on joining __thin.

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01. Words that are banned from this community: Ana, Mia, & Diet. I may not ban you for using them, but I sure as hell will make fun of you.

02. You must be at least 16 years old to apply. No exceptions. I've found that yes, your maturity level directly correlates to your age; therefore- if you can't legally drive, you can't be a member of this community. The only exceptions to this rule are if I like you, and you pwn.

03. All photos, thinspiration, whatever- must be placed under a cut. Be nice to the members friend's pages. If you do not know how, learn here. I hate seeing thousands of pictures on my friends page, especially when they're huge and ruin my layout. Don't do it, I'll delete the post.

04. If you "tYpE lykE diS"- you will be kicked out. No one wants a headache from trying to discipher your posts. If you worship the ~*OMGZZ GODDESS ANA!!!!1one11!*~", you will be kicked out. No one wants to hear about Ana, she's the dumb cunt who tried to rip me off in a coke deal so I kicked her ass.

05. Anyone under 18 MAY NOT post photos of themselves in underwear, nudity, blahblahblah, or other sexually-suggestive manners, as per LJ policy. They will be deleted.

06. Promotions for other communities are only allowed under a cut.

07. Any posts that are directly or indirectly asking for tips, tricks, advice- medical or otherwise, etc- will be deleted without notice. I'm not a fucking doctor, and frankly, I don't care about your rash.

08. Abuse, harassment, ridicule, bullshit, etc. will NOT be tolerated. thinking_taylor is a bitchy, malnourished cunt who will make sure that you get what you're asking for.

09. Make the subject line of your introduction: (your real name) is __thin. This is to show our members that you have read all of the rules and instructions.

10. All posts are automatically friends only. If for some amazing reason your post ends up NOT being friends only, that means that you went back and edited it to be public. This = immediate banning.

11. If you think you're going to be super cool and disable commenting on your entry, don't be shocked if it gets deleted, and you get banned.

12. Inciting drama in any way, shape or form will get you banned immediately. Either that, or I'll ban you from commenting so you can still see all the shit I will talk about you.

13. If I come across any of your entries &/or comments in this community or your personal journal that are pro-ed, wanarexic-ish, or just plain idiotic, I will remove you from the community.

14. If you do not have a pre-exsisting eating disorder, please refrain from joining. Duh.

Banned Members:

For being an illiterate, lame-ass 14 year old who can't read the rules. She also stole every single word on this page and tried to use it for her own community.

For being a snobby cunt and needing a major ass kicking. Also, her face is ugly & I take offense to that.

I'm pretty sure this is a troll, but nonetheless, for being stupid and only posting half of the introduction and then arguing about it.

For starting un-needed drama, and then posting said drama all over the internet, and for gaining and losing the same 8 pounds in the past 6 months.

For disabling comments in her post where she started drama, and not being able to take the drama when given back.

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- If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, feel free to contact me by sending an email to thinmods@yahoo.com. Make sure that you specify your LJ username- I'm not a mind reader.

- Do not contact me at my personal journal concerning community issues. If you choose to do so anyway, don't be suprised if you find yourself added to my 'banned' list.


Much thanks to pinky_secrets for being my sidekick,
To gossamar for capturing our Ana ass-kicking powers in this beautiful piece of art.