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Thief Drabble

Title: Alone in the Dark

Disclaimer: Garrett, Benny and the Thief'verse do not belong to me and I make no profits from writing about them.

Word Count: 100 exactly

Rating: Gen


"When are they going to bring me my dinner, that's what I would like to know," muttered Benny, resenting his job.

The gems of Sarnoth weren't even pretty to look at. Sometimes he'd guarded *true* treasures, and not just jumped-up Lordlings' fancy-pants collectibles, but work was work and he needed to pay his rent.

A splash and hiss, the brazier and torches went out, and suddenly it was very dark in the Vault.

"Hello? Is someone... There?"

Benny waited. There was no sound.

"Guess it was rats."

Something cracked Benny's skull and everything went dark(er).

"Alone at last," Garrett smiled.
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Thief 4 Announced

Thief 4 announced, Eidos says game is 'incredibly ambitious'

The fourth video game in Eidos' popular stealth series, Thief 4, has just been announced. Thief 4 is being developed by Eidos-Montreal, the same team who are currently working on Deus Ex 3.

It's been five years since the release of the last Thief game, Thief: Deadly Shadows for Xbox and PC, and there was a four year gap in between that game and Thief II: The Metal Age, so a long period of time in between games is not something new for the series.

Eidos-Montreal Announces Development of Newest Title in the Legendary Series

Eidos-Montreal is excited to unveil its previously secret second title in development at the studio, Thief(tm) 4, the next installment in the legendary series.

The original Thief game, Thief: The Dark Project redefined first person gaming and established an entirely new genre of stealth based game play. The critically and commercially acclaimed Thief series has won numerous awards and accolades including GameSpy Hall of Fame, GameSpot Greatest Games of All Time and The Academy of Interactive Arts And Sciences Outstanding Achievement in Character and Story Development.

Eidos-Montreal, which is also currently producing the much anticipated Deus Ex(tm) 3, has recruited the very best core team for the development of Thief 4. The team is comprised of industry veterans who have worked on an incredible collection of AAA titles and who each bring personal expertise in their respective fields.

"We're in the early development stages for Thief 4, but this is an incredibly ambitious and exciting project for Eidos," said Stephane D'Astous, General Manager at Eidos-Montreal. "While it's too early for us to offer any specific game details, right now we are focused on recruiting the very best talent to join the core team at the studio and help us make what we believe will be one of the most exciting games on the market."

Development is under way and the team is looking to recruit the very best talent as production ramps up. If you are a world-class developer looking to join the talented Thief 4 team, visit to submit your resume or to join the community discussion.


Vista = Boo

I haven't played Thief in a long time, but I keep downloading the fan mission because I plan on playing again!

But problem is that Thief 2 won't run with Vista. I've tried searching ttlg forums, but I don't understand the tutorials.. And it doesn't help that my game disc is scratched to hell. Has anyone had any luck running Thief 2 on Vista?

Or am I better off reloading XP?
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Taffing around in XP

Okay, for the last several years, I held onto an older machine so I could still play the first two games on a Windows 98 platform. It's not dead yet, but I expect it to go someday. So, I experimented and was able to get Metal Age to run just once on an XP machine. Although, I think that might be my play disc, which is old and kind of beat up, It was well loved. Anyway, I can't get it to work anymore and I was never able to get The Dark Project, original or Gold, to spin up at all. So, my questions are:

Are there versions or updates available, commercially or fan-made, that allow either game, preferably both, to run on the XP platform?

Is there anything I can do to my XP machine to make it more hospitable to my beloved first two Thief games?

Will Thief 2x run on the XP platform? I had a disastrous attempt to get it on the old machine, which in part, inspired my XP experiment.

If somebody answered this question years ago, just point me at the post,and I'll shut up. I did look for an old post, but I couldn't find it one.


(no subject)

Hello, my name is Natalie and I'm a Thief addict.

I love Thief.

Been playing since I found the Dark Project in 2002.

Have played all 3 Official Thief games, plus the mobile version and all side projects.

Fan missions are what gives me my fix. Absolutely love all those fan missions.

Just wanted to say hi!
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(no subject)

Hey folks,

I'm looking for screenshots of the cradle dungeons and cells from the "Robbing the Cradle" mission. To be precise, I need some straight-forward shots of the cells (the creepier the better) for a project non-Thief related. I haven't been successful finding them online, but if you have the PC version of DS and could nab those, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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Anyone know where I can get the official Thief: DS soundtrack that made its way onto the internet back in February?

lumen posted about it way back then, but I was slow to act.

I know I can get the Nighfall rip and remix over thief-thecircle dot com, but I'd like the originals too.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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(no subject)

It only just occured to me last night that there might be a Thief related community. I'm very much in love with the games, the only one being I haven't played fully yet, is Thief 2. I got into the Thief games very late, being 2004 or something when I started playing avidly. I had played the T2 demo that had been on the bonus disk of Final Fantasy VII PC back in 2000 or 2001, however. I enjoyed it, but had different things on my mind then.

I bring art of the Thief-like variety.

Hope you like.
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Caught Red Handed

Gasp, I was just thinking! Are the red hand prints that are on Fence doors (and walls) in any way related to those paintings in the Cradle's observatory? I came across this thought during Precalculus (good job, had a test today too). Well, it's just a theory-like. Thankies.
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