You know what.
I'm tired of rating communities.
Who the fuck are we to tell a person whether they are good enough or not.
Who are we to destroy someone's self esteem.
Sure, before you even think it--it is just a community on livejournal, it's no big deal.
But honestly when it comes down to it---it's totally negative. All it is is an ego fluffer.
What the fuck do you care what some kids who dedicate their lives to rating communities think?
I honestly think that so many of us waste so much of our time when we could be out doing things like hanging out with our REAL friends, or even doing something as simple as...reading a book.
I never got anything out of these fucking things.
I get on lj. I tell people yes or no. Why. Why not.
It's not in my nature to judge someone. I don't even believe in it.
But yet, I failed MYSELF by becoming some egotistical self absorbed douchebag who tells people they're worthless because they aren't like me.
That's fucking bullshit.
and that is why I'm leaving.

If you want to add me; just comment and IM me. Because I don't add people I don't know or trust.
I'm more than willing to be your friend, but I can't do this rating shit anymore.
It isn't me at all.

Take care of yourselves.
say goodbye!


p.s. I'm sorry if I joined because my friends asked me to, or I run the show.
If this is my rating community---I'll look into a new maintainer.

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Dear Sirs/Madams,
No one who has applied since the 23rd of June has been "accepted bitch"'d.

The agony of the waiting eats away at my unclean soul, and I don't know how much longer I can hold out.

I'm sure the rest of us who have applied but not recieved our final confirmation feel the same.

Slightly Bruised,